Cultural competence reflection

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Subject Area:Accounting

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Becoming culturally competent is considered an ongoing process that results in the acquisition of various professional skills that promotes working with people from different cultures. These skills are learned in cultural as well as intercultural contexts where through interactions with specific cultures, it is possible to learn and understand the nature of individual indigenous cultures, their issues, values, and attitudes. The understanding facilitates a harmonious operation where individuals refrain from aspects that contradicts other cultures. Critically, cultural competence in an essential element both in organizational and social contexts as it defines the relationships between individuals from diverse origins. The current paper offers a critical reflection on personal, cultural competency with a major focus on the aboriginal people, the first Australians. My current understanding of the Australian culture, history, as well as, experiences of the aboriginal Australians has been partly, acquired through the study of various cultures and partly through social interactions with the specific Australians.

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