Cultural Ecological and Techno Capitalist Position

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Advance in agriculture has led to improved food production for the expanding human population while industrial advancement and growth has maintained plenty production of goods and services to meet increasing consumer demands. Development of advanced medical knowledge has seen improved human health, low mortality rate which has ensured prolonged human existence. Due to rapid human growth, environmental factors have taken a course in an attempt to accommodate the human population. The high growth of population has contributed to deforestation as large areas are cleared to allow for more settlement of human beings. As a result of advancement in agricultural activities, more land has been sacrificed to allow farming activities as the increased food production has led even to commercial production due to the improved domestic and world trade as well as domestic trade.

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Overfishing refers to the process of fishing in which fishermen catch more than expected depleting the amounts available. This means as the practice continues, in the near future, hence natural resources are non-renewable, the rivers, lakes and ocean will have very little for supply to sustain human life. In the attempt of clearing lands for agricultural activities, industrial revolutions among many factors, climatic change has come into existence. Cutting down of trees has led to drying of water catchment areas, which in many cases are the sources of rivers. Trees contribute to rainmaking. Some of this problem contributed by the cultural ecological position has proven to be beyond the human control and their effects are long term. Uncontrolled use of agricultural chemicals has led to pollution which in turn has influenced human health.

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Deforestation, on the other hand, has exposed wildlife to an adverse condition resulting in the extinction of some important species that cannot exist under the interfered ecology. Furthermore, human competition with wild animals for food also has resulted in a major challenge as the available resource is unable to sustain the rapid population expansion compared to the growing wildlife. Ultimately there is a need to find a balance between the nature and change our social economic models far away from consumer culture that is based on unrestricted development and growth. Environmental problems are largely solved through technological advancement. The industrial revolution and advanced came in place to ensure enough production of goods and services for consumer consumption as well as enable domestic and internal trade to meet the consumer needs.

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Through trade, the large human population was able to get what was vital for living as the sufficient and enough production ensured plenty supply of the important goods and services for human existence. These technological advancements ensured enough creation of employment opportunities to cater for increasing demands of the increasing human population. The technological growth and advancement witnessed development in the field of medicine. It encourages the growth of large population as it maintains that is a crucial part of the pro-growth model. It also advocates that large population growth is better for society and important for economic development (Baragar, 272). On my own opinion, I advocate for the techno-capitalist position as the correct position to enhance and maintain. Technological advancement encourages the large population growth as well providing solutions to the environmental problems that affect humanity.

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It advocates for large population growth in the society as it maintains that is part of the pro-growth. Capitalism addresses the problem through advocating population growth necessary for society and important for economic advancement. In conclusion, the modern problems facing the world will be addressed only by advocating putting in place capitalism to create a more efficient market and trade to be in a position to meet the demands and needs of the consumers. The threating environmental challenges will be addressed only if capitalism will be adopted and practised all over the world. Works cited Winterhalder, Bruce. Jared Diamond: The world until yesterday: what can we learn from traditional societies?.  Transgenic research 23. Hawken, Paul, Amory B. Lovins, and L. Hunter Lovins.

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 Natural capitalism: The next industrial revolution.

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