Pale Rider a Wake up Call to Fight Human made Ecological Disasters

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For instance, when petroleum oil is spilled in the sea, it affects the survival of the aquatic living things such as fish among others. Human beings are also affected by these practices. For example, when poisonous gases are released into the air it makes the air unfit for consumption and thus the lowering human lifespan. Other elements released into the air destroys the ozone layer which will eventually result in dangerous global warming. The film "pale rider" written by Clint Eastwood’s in 1985 shows an example of the ecological disasters that are destroying the environment and ecology as a whole. These disasters may have less physical damage but they spread widely across geographical areas, and they may have a long-term adverse effect (Sena and Kifle 14).

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The “pale rider” is an exciting film which captures a lot of themes in it. However, the primary issue in the movie is about the environment. In this film, the environmental disasters are caused by the humans. The people in the film make a living out of mining. To defeat the greedy people who cause this destruction to the environment the people are supposed to stand in unison. They should hold still and fight no matter what challenge is ahead. In the film, the Carbon village stands strong, and the tycoon is eventually defeated. Mining in small scale is not dangerous. The carbon village also depended on mining for a living, but they preserve the environment. That was just sufficient, and he did not destroy the environment in the mining process.

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This is one concept that people have failed to understand. Instead, they are engaging in a lot of economic activities that end up harming the environment we live in, in the name of making lots of profit. Isn’t having a healthy environment and a just sufficient livelihood not enough promise of life? Mining is not the only ecological enemy. Ozone-depleting chemicals produced in some industries such as CFC’s when released into the atmosphere endangers a lot of environmental elements including the climate, human beings, wildlife among others. The article talks about three constraints which include the limit of growth, human domination and balance of nature. Limit to growth means the earth cannot expand to hold population growth. It hence means that an increase in population can upset the environment and thus calls for a balance in nature.

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The human domination constraint suggests that plants and animals are in the hands of the humans. Humans, therefore, have the right to use to use the environment as it suits them. For instance, the small gold Hull mined was enough to pay off his eight months debt and on top of that, he purchased other commodities. People will have to realize that they need just sufficient to survive. Otherwise, they may be obsessed with making much profit and end up destroying the basic needs such as water in the process. The key to preserving the ecology is thus realization of what is at stake and standing together in unison to stop misuse of the environment.   Work Cited Eastwood, Clint. Sustaining the Earth.

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