Cyber space addiction in relation to youth development

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e. , Cybersexual addiction, net compulsions, computer addiction, cyber-relational addiction and information overload. Cybersexual addiction is an internet addiction that occurs in individuals involved in watching or downloading pornographic materials. Cyber-relational addiction happens when people overly engage themselves in the online relationship. Net compulsion is a type of addiction where people have the behavior of online gambling and shopping. Currently, internet addiction is a growing problem, especially among the youths. We cannot object that the internet is so crucial in today's world although this problem related to internet usage is becoming a big blow to the youth development in our society. There are a number of research that has been carried out in various parts of the world to examine the extent of this problem.

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Basing facts on the research carried out, an estimated percentage of people who are internet addicted is between 5 to 10 and youth make the most significant portion. In the year 2016, the rate of cyberspace addiction among the youth in Hong Kong ranged between 17 to 26 percent. According to the Uses and Gratification theory in media use. The approach assists in comprehending the reason people choose the media they want as well as the reason for utilizing it. Uses and Gratification theory is different from other effect theories in media since instead of focusing people as passive media consumers it makes assumptions that people have power over their consumption to media. This theory demonstrates how people look up media to satisfy particular needs or objectives, for instance, socializing or entertainment among others.

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In the modern life, internet use has resulted in multiple adverse effects. 4% of them were reported for school dropout, and 23. 7% battled disruptions throughout their lifetimes. A percentage of 7. 1% was reported to the individuals who were violent at home due to excessive use of the internet. Generally, this was observed to affect more gents compared to ladies. These activities will minimize the cases of internet addiction among the youths and also boost the relationship between the child and the parent. Internet addiction can also be managed effectively using welfare and community agencies, for instance, Touch Community Services. This service offers cyber wellness enrichment programme that focuses on those youths under internet addiction. The primary objective of this programme promotes self-awareness via adventure and structured learning process and stressing the healthy use of the internet among the adolescents.

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The plan also provides supervision, mentorship, counseling as well as modification of behaviors to boost self-limit among the young age internet users. Firstly, it's important to be aware of any underlying quagmire that may expose you to cyberspace addiction. Secondly, developing coping skills. It's important as an individual to identify weaknesses that may be exposing someone to cyberspace addiction such as shyness and stress, and develop skills that will enable you to cope up with the situation without venturing in internet use. Thirdly, as an individual, it's also necessary to build more successful relationships with other people. Internet use will be minimal if someone has better social interaction. So the best strategy to apply is to look for other better means to manage and eradicate this problem.

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Countries that have seen that this problem is so adverse, they should look for ways to control it otherwise cyberspace is not just behavior but a mental illness that can hinder the development of youths in the society. Reference Adolescent Internet Addiction in Hong Kong: Prevalence, Change, and Correlates. (2015, October 13). Retrieved from https://www. cascadementalhealth. org/poc/view_doc. php?type=doc&id=37601&cn=66 Exploring the Uses and Gratifications Theory in the Use of. (n. d. (2015, October 06). Retrieved from https://psychcentral. com/news/2014/12/19/internet-addiction-is-worldwide-issue/78846. html K. S. IMH National Mental Health Blueprint Singapore 2007-2012. Available at: http://issuu. com/razorshark/docs/ imhblueprint2010. Accessed 18 November 2013 이, & 강. A Meta-analysis on the effect of youth Internet addiction group counseling program. S. Treatment of Computer Addicts with Complex Co-Morbid Psychiatric Disorders.

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