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The bill was tabled in the senate but it never returned and was the start of a long amendment period of labor laws. Labor unions never recovered from those amendments and this was the beginning of the decline of unions (Kaufman et al. Labor unions are those organizations representing workers in various industries under the law of labor. The work of the labor unions was to ensure a bargaining collectively over the members’ working conditions, wages and benefits and also to represent the union members in issues from the management in case of a violation of contract from the side of the employees. Unions also advocate for formulation of policies and legislations concerning workers and this means that labor unions defend the rights of their members (Katz et al.

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Unions are public factors which deal with issues like those of ensuring proper rights of immigrants, proper policies of trade, medical health care and campaigns concerning wage pay. Some of the states and cities are fighting to have reduced obligations of pension for the workers of the union after their future retirement (Kaufman et al. Many efforts have been put in place to fight against the unions in public sectors for one of pension obligations. Those countries with the highest percentage of unions’ workers have better living standards as opposed to those countries that have declined unions creating a rise for inequality of income and living standards also. Low standards of living and low income can therefore be attributed to decline of the movements of labor and membership of the unions.

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In the year 2013, the workforce of union members started decreasing. Corporations have made efforts to get rid of the labor unions so as to reduce the cost of labor and they have fought for this decline of unions for such a long period of time, since 1980, and they have been seen to succeed. The main purpose of corporations to have much more efforts in ending labor unions was for their own good because they were the ones paying for the high cost of labor which affected their income as a corporation (Katz et al. Most of the public people started viewing labor unions as a form of corruption and needed to be declined among other reasons like creation of wage inequality and also that of the unequal living standards.

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Unions had thus created a bad reputation as it limited production with increased costs also and this is why decline of unions was necessary. Labor unions reduce the available number of jobs in the economy and thus the reason for decline of the labor unions. They also increase the cost of labor making corporations to suffer from expensive labor. Decline of unions became successful after a long time and this began unifying wages from all the workers together with other benefits like health care and pension obligations and also the living standards have become stable and median and this shows that there was a need for decline of unions. Works Cited Kaufman, Bruce E. , and James T. " Science 356. Retrieved from http://science.

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