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The modes which are available have also introduced the scourge of environmental pollution, which is leaving a lasting impact in the world we live. Hyperloop transport introduces a new mode of transport that combines the framework of the railroad at a condition that mirrors those of air travel. In tubes which are regulated to maintain low pressures, transportation pods are used to ferry passengers at high speeds. The paper seeks to establish the viability of the proposal of using hyperloop technology to make modern the aspects of road travel and ensure that it achieves this at low costs and with systemic solutions. The overall goals of the implementation are to solve the transportation issues which hinder the exploitation of resources and talents in different parts of the world (Van Goeverden et al.

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Therefore, the planning phase involves the investigation of the various method proposed to be used by such a system. The method selected should fulfill the goals related to the project. These include low costs of construction (Blanchard et al. This should justify the implementation of technology and fall within the costs. In addition, it should have a lower carbon print compared to the current infrastructure. The next requirements are the pods or cars which are used to transport passengers. Twenty-six seater pods are viable and they have an intact body. The design is aerodynamic and is meant to ensure that it complements the frictionless surface achieved by the track (Van Goeverden et al. In addition, it should have safety materials which minimize casualties from accidents that might occur at such high speeds.

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An inbuilt entertainments system is always a key requirement since the speeds and the design of the pods denies the passenger any enjoyment in the travel. The system is too expensive and grand to be implemented for testing. However, the inputs to the simulation should follow a dedicated real path that is intended to be used for the pilot testing (Yang et al. Therefore, it would evaluate response to delays, accidents and other hypothetical scenarios that can visit such modes of transport. In addition, it should have a failsafe process that would be used as an alternative plan in case of failure. Transitioning The hyperloop systems will not occupy any path used by current infrastructure. The hyperloop systems achieve more speed for the same distance traveled either by train or by plane.

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In addition, the hyperloop systems have lower environmental impact compared to the current systems which are being used. It also shows a very high level of integration with the already existing technologies. This is evaluated in terms of connectivity as well as the extending support to other solutions that are being sought in the industry. Discussion The hyperloop system is implemented in ideal conditions that makes travel at super speed very possible. Therefore, by having infrastructures that establishes a cleaner and faster way of making long distances, a greener world become tenable. Hyperloops acts as the backbone of the transportation industry. It feeds other networks from higher tiers which allows the scaling of the technology. , This is important since it results in the creation of better systems of operation that are not only cheap but also better equipped in resolving perennial issues such as climate change.

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