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Deloitte has spread over large localities and they organize based on the geographical lines hence the activities within a given region get managed together. The advantage of the organizational structure employed by Deloitte is that it can mutate based on the customers it serves. Here it ensures personnel are proficient in meeting the needs of the customer (Orlando & Bank, 2016, 42). Additionally, the company provides services like consultation and accounting to supplement its operation. In terms of management, they are four functions which the managers perform: planning, organizing, controlling and leading. The company international staffing is a nightmare. The partner demands different rates, combined with its unwillingness to send the best this leaves them operating as an independent entity. The next aspect is the insufficient consultancy development and training, the company has spent most of its money and time in recruiting personnel from McKinsey.

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The only disadvantage of the approach is the lack of originality of talent. Last, the company doesn’t put its client first. System flowchart The Deloitte Sales and Operation Planning (S & OP) includes a process management model which is established to help an organization in effective planning and spending on marketing. It involves a collaborative process which is cross-sectional and focuses on improving performance and the sales plan. The main aspect of the sales procedure in the case of Deloitte involves creating relationships, need creation, formulating solutions, closing up on the sales, delivering and evaluation. Under creating relations it’s all about meeting up with the customers by using the extensive customer-based networks. While creating relation the managers can find what the customers need or create a product which solves the niche.

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The next aspect which affects the systems includes the volume and automation transactions, here Deloitte may become a victim of the inexorable level of online transactions which are prone to errors and provide the fraudsters with an opportunity to exploit any loopholes. An additional factor which may hurt many systems is the globalization. The increased cross borders exchanges breed lots of IP related issues and due to the lengthened supply chain globally it exposes many businesses to hacking among other system encroachments (Gibson, 2015, 62). The matter becomes worse when companies try to make deals with other organization which have relaxed regulation. Thus it exposes their system to become defrauded. Many companies in Australia are adopting the software to reduce the amount of work that characterized by using paper, hence reducing errors of omission or commission, cost and time.

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Manual accounting involves buying several purchase and sales ledgers, petty cash books and cash books, then entry follows and balancing the books of account and finally giving a report. As noted the manual work is hectic. The software is quick and easy to incorporate, and just require inputting the right commands and the report is automatically generated. The efficiency and effectiveness of the system is the leading factor which makes their adoption continuously growing in both the small and large organizations. The company uses the Software as a Service (SaaS). Here it provides free API to the third party vendors who sell them to the customer, where they integrate into a single ledger through the cloud computing. The software is capable to provide the user with application to operate on the cloud infrastructure within only a small interface like a search engine or a web browser (Ballingall et al, 2018).

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The aspect of cloud computing has changed the game by providing a cost-effective, quicker time-to-market, scale demand and innovative IT support. Hence unlike other accounting hubs, Xero through its cloud computing has solved the following for the customers: it does the bulk of the work to the customers who just key in their commands and wait for the servers to generate reports. Cybercrime or people accessing your information is a matter that has been associated with cloud computing. Other challenges facing customers who engage in these systems include phishing of password by malicious wares. The systems should provide passwords for all levels; the passwords should be changed frequently so that any unauthorized user cannot get access to the accounts (YauYeung, 2017). The final problem is controlling access which should be the first system security for the hardware and software.

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