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The above Delta operations involve flights that take and provide traffic from markets in the areas or regions near the getaways and hubs to domestic and global cities and many other key hubs and getaways. Delta airlines with its group subsidiaries and regional affiliates operate more than 5500 flights on a daily basis and serve an open domestic and international network of 335 destinations in over 65 countries on around seven continents. Delta airline provides low ticket prices for flights across the globe, although sometimes the flights involve limited services. Sometimes when the customers of Delta airlines need extra services like drinks, special seat allocations, excess luggage services, and the airline ensure that the customers pay more money for them which are separate from the flight ticket expenses. In recent times Delta airlines have been getting complaints from disgruntled customers through various communication platforms the company uses when interacting with its customers.

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Delta airlines put emphasis on the measuring of customer satisfaction in respect of the services of the company. Delta undertakes a customer satisfaction measurement plan which enables the company to understand the way their clients perceive their overall operations and services. The measurement of customer’s satisfaction mostly is important because enables the airline company in understanding their client’s expectations. The knowledge of the customer’s expectations enables the airline's organizations to craft strategies and structures which are for bettering the special needs of the customers. Delta airlines can improve its profits significantly by putting a great emphasis on customer satisfaction which is very important for any to be competitive in the airline industry. The passenger requested assistance from the Delta’s airline desk in Newyork airport. • Ticket booking service: A traveler of Delta airline wanted to make changes to her flight through email and phone, and was made to make the changes at the airport.

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The passenger suffered a penalty because new bookings have to be made within 14 days of the other booking. • Seat allocation: the Delta airline received a complaint connected to seat allocation from a very angry passenger. The passenger said he was being forced to travel on a seat he had not booked. Reliability Delta airlines services are supposed to be consistent and dependable to the customers with respect to performance in the airline sector. Delta should have a structure of service which encourages accuracy in delivery and performance. Delta airline should have a competent team of staff that performs the required services effectively and correctly, the airline should have staff that offers efficient check-in services to its customers who want the board. The staff can assist in solving issues related to flight disruptions and improve customer satisfaction in the company greatly.

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Responsiveness Delta airlines are supposed to offer services like the onboard services and others at the airports fast to the passengers. The staffs are supposed to show concern and treat passengers in a caring manner that shows professional concern of the entire airline. Moreover, the staff can show the above concern by being familiar with passengers’ names and always showing the deep knowledge of their requirements. Hearty and warm reservations go a long way in the satisfaction of customers and their needs. Tangible Delta airline’s services should be physical in their nature and visible to its customers. The airline should have tidy offices which are spacious to accommodate its customers and support their needs. Relationships are an important aspect of the airlines' industry. Most airlines use effective customer control to ensure that the passengers feel comfortable will on-board or not but engaging with the staff of the company.

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The handling of customers in the airline sector is very different from other customer relations sections of other sectors. A policy of guarantee of bookings should be put in place to remove the charges on the policy. Airline staff and especially Delta airline staff are supposed to show empathy and concern all the time when relating with the customers of the airline. Delta airlines should have more aircrafts in the air to boost its reputation. Successful airlines are putting more aircrafts on air to make sure that most of the fights are not canceled but compensated adequately to their customers. The move makes customers feel comfortable and safe because they know there are adequate aircrafts to ensure they arrive at their destinations safe and sound. In the face of competition, Delta airlines should try to be more aggressive like the other booming airlines and compete fairly in the airlines' industry.

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In the case of luggage, the airline should come up with an open pricing system on luggage so as to compete effectively with other players in the industry.

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