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The report compiled from a health and safety inspection carried out on the premises of depot limited company on 5 January 2018. The depot business is among 25 depots around Northern Ireland that deliver public transport service to different parts of the country and neighboring countries. The vehicles commonly used for transport are buses and cars in addition to fuel tanks used in the transportation of oil. The depot carries out maintenance of the buses as well as prepares them for annual inspection and day to day running repairs in accordance with government regulation. The premises consist of repair workshop, one level office with stairs and lift, two canteens, bus and car yard capable of accommodating around 80 buses and 40 cars at once, fuel tanks and a chemical facility.

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It is important to comply with legal obligations to avoid the criminal conviction that might cause pain to the victims. The pain caused to the victim may be suffering or possibly permanent disability to the person. Notable hazardous was the fire that can consume the whole premise due to lack of fire extinguisher facilities. The chambers where combustible materials like fuel are stored lack fire extinguisher machines and proper signage. In addition, it lacks essential facilities like fire alarms and the main tank need to be located far from the main premises. The company suffers from the shortage of qualified mechanical experts who can help the organization run smoothly in the country. The company is likely to lose customers if the issues are not addressed as recommended in the report.

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MAIN FINDINGS The inspection exercise carried out reveals several risk areas within the premises and facilities like vehicles as well as fuel tanks. In order for the organization to be on the safe side, there is the need for addressing the issues with urgency in accordance with inspection guidelines. Tragedy of fire The greatest area of concern in this company is fire. It has also an effect of overheating in the premises. Despite the availability of electric power in the premises, it has a poor lighting system that results in poor visibility when buses are reversing. This can cause accident or damage to nearby structures as provided under the electricity at work regulations 1989. The regulations require companies and business o be vigilant in taking precautions in the workplace.

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This minimizes the number of deaths and injuries of employees. It is also important to have a health and safety committee would be added advantage to the company. Personal protective equipment There is regulation in place that deals with appropriate types of equipment in Ireland that ensures workers are in full work attire. Personal protective equipment at work regulation Act1992 ensures employees use safety gadgets. This happens due to negligence by the management because it seems it does not care about safety and welfare of workers. Human resource management has a responsibility of ensuring working environment is safe for workers. CONCLUSION The report of inspection in Depot Company reveals risks arising from mismanagement of the facility. The company is facing serious challenges that cause potential injury and cost the facility financially.

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The report has highlighted where urgent attention needed to redress the risks. It is just a matter of complying with legal obligations in order to protect the facility from prosecution, also improve its public image in transport, and repair services. To address the matters of health and safety it calls for appropriate training of workers. Board of directors of the depot business needs to be effective on their responsibilities in the organization in order to avoid hazards associated with health and safety. The effective safety and health committee must be formed to handle the matters of health and safety on daily routine through thorough supervision. Management needs also to be vigilant with training workers in order to familiarize them with machines and equipment.

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