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Its courier services involve land, air, and sea transport. Therefore, the clients can easily acquire their ordered goods in good time subject to the urgency of the products. However, the company faces stiff competition from other courier providers within the United States of America. This is subject to the transformation of the economic and business structure of the contemporary world. Essentially, following the emergence of globalization and the digital migration of the modern business fraternity, a majority of the transactions and business activities are carried out online. Management Decision Statement The brand awareness of DHL as a courier service company has been discovered to be lower than should be the expected levels. The brand level of DHL, according to Tiwari (2010) definition of brand value, is lower compared to its competitors UPS and FedEx.

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Therefore, there is need to have the brand of DHL improved to meet the expectations and levels that the company’s infrastructure and logistics demand. This thus demands that new approaches are introduced to the marketing structure of the DHL brand. Understanding brand value could be the key towards improving DHL’s current market position. While it may have been the leading courier service provider in the United States for a while, the emergence of its competitors who have focused their work on courier service delivery has in turn overtaken the services offered by DHL. In this regard, changing the marketing structure for DHL to encompass more information and the success of the company as a courier service provider would suffice to make the company emerge among the best in the industry.

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This would include working on the delivery timelines and services offered by the company to meet the due expectations of the clients. Assurance of the company’s international service advantage would also be an area that suffices to increase the company’s brand value. DHL in its position in the United States is not allowed to make domestic flights as a courier service; this is left for the American courier services. This achievement will be guided by the following objectives of the study, 1. To evaluate the marketing structure of UPS and FedEx as the main competition against DHL and determine the areas that differ giving the competitors an upper advantage in the industry over DHL. To evaluate the revenues generated by UPS and FedEx to establish the companies’ strongholds and how DHL can incorporate some of the strategies used by the competition and how best it would work for DHL in the same market.

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To develop a strategy that ensures that the brand value of DHL increases simultaneously with the increase of the company’s revenues. The strategy would be used to work on both the revenues and the brand value. This is significant to the study as it forms the core purpose of the research. Essentially, the case study approach will enable the study to look into how the competitors of DHL have managed to acquire the high ratings and revenues in the same industry as DHL yet, they were established at a later time than DHL. The case study approach will involve an in-depth and detailed analysis (Yin 2014) of the companies (UPS and FedEx) as the primary cases of research. This will involve both qualitative and quantitative analysis of the availed data.

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The structure of the case study analysis design will involve the establishment of a research theory (Ridder, 2017) which is vested as the guiding principle of the study. The strategy and policy developed will be aligned with the objectives of the study in relation to the development of a competitive market structure that grants DHL an upper marketing and competitive advantage over its market rivals. The analysis of data and the development of a new policy and strategy thus will result in the development of a wide cross-case report that will enable the management to facilitate the implementation of the developed strategies. Furthermore, this report will serve as a source of reference for future case study analysis and the evaluation of the performance of DHL over the provided period.

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This is such that, the report will serve as the grounds upon which DHL may compare its brand value and revenues performance before and after the implementation of the provided new policy and strategy. Figure 1: Case Study Research Design Sample Design The sampling method that will be utilized in this research study will the simple random sampling method. Essentially, the sample design suffices to cover majority of the desired outcome of the research which is aimed at the development of crucial strategies to facilitate the positive performance of the DHL brand value and the increment of its revenues over its competitors UPS and FedEx. Conclusion DHL is a renowned international courier service provider. The company prides itself with massive technological infrastructure and impressive logistics.

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