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If her parents were a tad supportive, Selby would possibly have talked to them about her sexual orientation, and she would have never run away from home subsequently avoiding all the problems she encountered when she left home. Aileen was abused as a child when she was about eight years of age, and when she reported the same to him, he responded by have her beat up. She, therefore, gets into prostitution at the early age of 13 and does not acquire any other skills to help her get other regular jobs. When Aileen meets Selby and falls in love with her, and after an incident that went badly at work she is determined to clean herself up and start over (An American Centres Resources).

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Aileen has no resume, and she is therefore hard pressed to get a job. Any developmental delays or personality disorders Aileen developed paranoid personality disorder during her childhood when she was raped. She subsequently could not bring herself to the thought of ever trusting anyone ever, and this applied especially to the men in her life. She was always extra aware of them and did not believe in their intentions as shown in the last scene before her arrest. Her personality disorder is further enhanced by the fact that her father committed suicide and as she had no one to look after her, she started prostituting She, therefore, belongs to cluster A of personality disorder categorization. Any medical conditions Selby presented with a broken arm that was immobilized by a cast probably from an accident.

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