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The activities are carried by families, women organizations, and village enterprises. The potential growing industries in the MSMEs companies are weaving, wine production, coffee, honey, jam and jellies, processed food, and antique production (Udofia, 2017). Abaca handcraft industry is also among the field that has shown potential growth in the MSME companies that requires technology integration for increased sales and profitability. The increased exposure in the local and regional market of the local products is limited by the single information provision method on the new product line and updates on grades and price changes which is basically expensive thus limiting market exposure. The use of internet and modern technology have provided an opportunity for engaging new buyers of the local products thus playing a role in stimulating local market.

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Customers are able to access and purchase products of their desire and likeness without necessarily visiting the marketplace. Advancement of online marketing is essential to the company through helping in widening the product market thus increasing the product sales across the world. Online advertisement cost is greatly minimized and the company is capable of displaying their products to the potential customers through photos and images presentations. Enhancement of e-marketing in the MSME is essential in getting the products and services produced to a wider range of consumers. The launching of the MSMEs e-marketing portal in an innovative platform that has elevated the global market of the MSMEs products. The success of the small business enterprise organizations is dependent on how the top management groups play their role in the implementation of electronic commerce to enhance marketing and sales of the products.

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Government is also expected to play a major role in the advancement of the e-commerce to enable the MSMEs organization to improve their marketing strategies through technology innovation adaption. Social networking and market promotion The organization is expected to provide online links where the product information can be found to enable customers to access the essential information that they may require concerning the products of their interest. The online market promotion will involve a strategic way of receiving and responding to clients’ views, complains and compliments for efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery. Commitment is a key factor especially in ensuring timely delivery of the ordered products and responding to any issue of concern in the market, especially from the customers.

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E-marketing will require the customers to critically review the product being sold before making an order as goods one’s sold will not be recovered unless a technical problem has occurred. Application of emerging technologies The development of e-commerce has played a major role in easing transaction processes within the MSMEs organizations. The technology, however, keeps on advancing, requiring the enterprises to improve the standards of service delivery in order to cope with the growing technological competition. E-commerce eliminates the middlemen in the transaction. Therefore, the cost of purchasing products need to be much lower than purchasing through the suppliers and distributors.  Indian Journal of Marketing, 44(8). doi:10. 17010/ijom/2014/v44/i8/80131 Fagsao J. Project Proposal E Business Portal Based on Proposal Format.

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