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The computing aspect has blended in perfectly with the information flow and sharing of these organizations and the storage of such transactional data. To a big extent, it has also played a role in the transactions undertaken as both an accounting tool and an archive for later references of the business operations. As a result, the SuperPowerOrg (SPO) renewable energy company has to come up with an outstanding business plan that includes elaborative business models, all the requirements and the goals for the models, the impacts of the models to the business and the approach that the bureau may take to make the implementation operational. Therefore, this article is a review of the business plan that is most likely to bring the maximal benefits to the SuperPowerOrg (SPO) organization and all the aspects that must be in place.

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E-commerce business models and how to derive the revenue To begin with, the intended expansions in the organizations require put models. On the other side, the later model is one of the most diverse types of all the e-commerce models available. The retailers who have strived each minute to make more profits and innovate more every day have facilitated the diversity, making it a good approach to business between the consumers and the business entities. Therefore, with the implementation of the two models, the revenue earned by the organization may adjust in the ways of the new approach. That is to say, the $200,000 approximation of the yearly revenue of the SuperPowerOrg (SPO) organizations may encounter a 7. 7% yearly growth within the first five years of implementation.

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Applications (hardware and software) requirements. However, for the communication in the network to prove successful and enable the achievement of the goals of the organization, the necessary hardware and software demands must be met under the necessary considerations. Considering factors like the number of clients to be served, who have now increased from the Ballarat locality to the whole world, it is important that SPO deploy hardware and software that can sustain high traffic and work at a fast pace to serve all with equity. Therefore, the Company may require having a server to run the e-commerce website. It has the options of paying for the hosting services in a secure web hosting organization or doing their own hosting activities from within by buying a server that will always receive the requests of the users and guide them through the right files.

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(361) also support that it is important that the Company uses a ratio of its income to purchase the requirements because the project is for the better good of the institution. Constant maintenance of the available resources may also ensure long-lasting usability. Through that, the need to buy new requirements within short intervals will not exist. That way, the organizations will address the issue of the demand without the demands exceeding the revenue they earn. Payment systems to be used The fact that proposal entails the expansion of the e-commerce trade and operations, the payment mode required in this context would also best be one that allows users to pay online from their local places. With the well-educated workers, all the SuperPowerOrg (SPO) community will be able to stand for the rights of the organizations and ensure that every business operation is done in accordance with the legal obligations.

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Addressing customer service issues In the case of the customer service solutions, it is best that the customers get what they want so as to make them come for more services from the organizations and increase the revenue. Thus, the best approach is first finding out from the customers what they desire most to enable the management work out the most demanded services and figure out the best way to relay these services to them (Andam&Zorayda 168). That way, there will be maximal client satisfaction leading to increased revenue from the consumers of the services of SuperPowerOrg (SPO) as what they get is exactly what they require. Measuring the success of your proposal (metrics, tools) The best way to measure the success of the proposal is through the evaluation of the reception by the public and the liaising Companies.

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