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It is an affiliate of technology in the world of business. Since its inception, it has been seen to attract nothing but advantages to businesses. Just like any other means of marketing, it also has its disadvantages though the advantages are way too much so they end up outweighing the disadvantages. Most businesses that operate on global levels have been seen to incorporate it as a way with which to market their products. This is so because t allows for individuals to have more audiences. It is the typical retail model where a business makes it sales to individuals though it is conducted online. That aside, the business is also seen to conduct the B2B type of ecommerce and this is so because it is known to be selling its products to other companies that in turn sell them to other individuals.

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These are two main categories of ecommerce that the company is seen to be running or rather operating under. The first form of ecommerce happens in the stance where the company has its own sales shops and some individuals go to purchase their products directly from their own stores. The second stance is when other companies or rather business organizations, say malls and supermarkets go for the products from the company’s stores and later sells them to the customers. Ensure that the daily targeted production is met. Come up with better designs with regards to the customers’ taste and preference whilst considering the stakeholders’ interests. Value proposition The end product of the company’s production process is always and has always been appealing to the customers.

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Such an assertion comes from the fact that the products have never ceased to be appealing to the customers and this explains their continuous subscription to the services and products of the company. Customer relations The customers of the Nike incorporation have always had their expectations of the company’s products. Revenue streams The revenue streams for the Nike company come from the sales of their products. Thanks to the quality they are able to offer, the customers find it hard to complain about the pricing of the commodities and this makes it possible for the company to regain during the sales. From the above revenue model, it is more than evident that with ecommerce, the company is bound to have more revenue since it will help in the increment of the customer or rather the clientele base that the company already has.

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Targeted consumers The company is known to have specialized in a wide range of products. However, while using the ecommerce, since it involves a lot of technology and most young people are popular with the technological devices, it would be appropriate to advertise the products for the young people using this method. That way the company shall have had their way with getting the awareness of the consumers of their products. Therefore the marketing strategy that the company should consider using is the use of social media. Conclusion The ecommerce is one a concept that has been used by many individuals especially when it comes to the marketing of their products. It is necessary that companies come up with a different strategy with which to employ the ecommerce concept.

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