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The inability of some stakeholders to identify and apply the most recent trends has contributed to their inability to remain fit for the sector. The education sector has gone through various changes and through the implementation and incorporation of advanced technology, some of the professionals in the sector have failed to put up with the adjustments. The authors also focus on some of the theories developed with the aim of giving the different perspectives of educational leadership and administration. The stakeholders in the education sector should understand the various theories applicable to leadership and administration. The book provides information aimed at assisting the teachers, policymakers, and students, as well as researchers and academicians in their different roles in the education sector.

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the people in the society has started embracing leadership as a way to improve the way in which learners acquired education in the learning institutions. Based on the book, leadership made the nonschool institutions successful and it was important to implement leadership skills and administration in the education sector. After performing research, the University Council on Educational Administration found that it was necessary to develop a national commission that would aid in nurturing future school leaders. The journey towards the establishment of educational leadership and administration has not been successful because of some challenges including differences in ideas and thoughts by the stakeholders in the sector. The information provided in the book will aid in the development of research related to the way forward in handling differences between the educational leadership and administration from one region to the other.

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For instance, where the teachers cannot interact freely with the students due to some barriers including culture and background beliefs, it will be hard to deliver. Also, when the administration does not provide a healthy working environment for the teachers, they do not provide quality to the learners as they have emotional problems. The article states that transformational leadership has become most effective in meeting the demands of the various parties involved in the education sector. The article provides important information on the current leadership and administration in the education sector. The information provided in the article clearly indicates challenges associated with different administration and leadership in the learning institutions. Educational administration quarterly, 39(3), 398-425. Based on the article, the leadership and administration in the learning institutions determine the performance of students.

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Some of the leaders and administrators in schools do not provide a healthy environment thus making it hard for learners to succeed. Students come from different backgrounds and the participants in policymaking process also have varying ideas on how the leadership and administration process should take place. The differences may cause instability in the school leadership and this will not only affect the performance of the students but also the institution as a whole. A. Educational leadership: A problem-based approach. Allyn & Bacon/Longman Publishing, a Pearson Education Company, 1760 Gould Street, Needham Heights, MA 02494. Website: http://www. bacon. The information will also aid in explaining how the difference affects the leaders and administrators as well as other stakeholders who have to make vital decisions.

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