Effects of sexual orientation among aging adults in the society

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The relationship of the old adults with friends, relatives, families and the society in terms of sexual behaviors influences the mental and moral behaviors of the aging whites. The genes and physical identity of the maturing people influence the understanding of personal nature and children care. However, the perception of the biological, social and psychological sphere of or effects brought about in the prospect of sexual preference among the working and professional class influences the development progress in maturity for the whites. Biological domain The awareness of ones’ natural identity in terms of sex, age and genes contribute to how different people are grouped following the sexual preference activity. Aging in old adults influences the physical and biological activity on sex performance.

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Still, the bisexuals and transgender are affected since they are not recognized in the society thus having the fear of discrimination. Psychological realm Among the working class and professionals, the whites take on heterosexuality as an aspect that brings happiness to the couples since they achieve the dream of their lives in terms bringing up future generations and satisfaction. During aging times the elderly get worried of losing their partners since elderly men are ware of erectile dysfunction and the women worry of the lost desire for sexual activity. This affects aging adults emotionally and morally for the working class and those in professional groups mind a lot on their reputation and identity. They want to be recognized in all parts of life that is working performance and also sexually satisfying (Karim 200).

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