Effects of Technology Innovations to the Society

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The benefits of technology are by far and wide the most that any aspect or sector of any thriving economy can attest. The ease of communication through various platforms on the internet makes it easy for people to connect with each other while enjoying instant feedback. Corporations can also enjoy the same benefit while also getting essential data on customer trends and preferences thus improving their product and service delivery. The internet creates a wide range of opportunities for innovators to come with new technologies applicable to the daily life activities. The innovations from the advancing technology have recently been shown to have a direct correlation to the United States’ social life and the environment at large. rely on these platforms for news, and unscrupulous individuals have taken advantage of the fact to pass on the false press to divert attention from pressing matters or even to influence people’s decision on essential issues of the state.

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The use of Facebook and other social media platforms require the use of a desktop, laptops, and smartphones. The production of such hardware creates a lot of employment opportunities, both temporary and permanent, depending on the expertise required in the process of manufacturing (Snitow Allan and Kaufman Deborah, 2001). The key implication of increased employment opportunities is an improved economy. However, this is not usually the case as it is mainly the software developers who stand to gain the most from such innovations. However, the app helps to curb the menace of food wastage through impulse buying and environmental degradation by reducing double purchases of non-recyclable home appliances. The project will also help harmonize the society through shared knowledge on specific products and effects to their lives.

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