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The initial pay level was 5percent above the market rate, enabling the company to keep the best transcribers. The pay level reduction effected was the 5 percent and removal of bonuses. The transcribers did not leave the company after receiving the information on pay level reduction because they would not get better rates in the market. Additionally, the employees felt lucky that the company considered hiring American transcribers instead of foreign workforce. The expected effect of pay level reduction was possible employee turnover, which failed to happen. Before the pay level reduction, the company needed to hire the best employees with the necessary skills and experiences. The good payment made the company set higher standards than other competitors in the market. This ensured that the company had the best employees for the competitive market.

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This way, the company could be able to provide quality services to its clients. The company met its objectives through the hiring of high-quality employees who in turn provided quality work to its clients. It increases employee engagement and the feel of self-worth. In turn, the employees feel trusted by the employer. The feeling of feeling valued they raise their level of commitment and provide their best in executing their duties. Additionally, the communication is necessary for making better decisions. The employees had the choice of continuing to work for the company or leave to another company that offers better pay levels. , Bakker, A. B. , Gruman, J. A. , Macey, W. , Bedwell, W. L. , & Lazzara, E. H. Understanding and improving teamwork in organizations: A scientifically based practical guide.

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