Elder Abuse Case Study

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Elder abuse has been witnessed in a number of venues such as nursing homes, homes as well as social gathering. The paper will critically focus on how the issue of elder abuse has been a threat to the society today. According to the research carried out from the local community, a number of factors have been discovered to be the ready exclusive reasons behind the issue of elder abuse. The study involved a variety of data collection method such as, interviewing people living with the aged, administering questionnaires to people living in a certain area to give their views and finally making visits to numerous care units to observe their way of living and the mode of challenges they face in their work.

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Some of the possible causes of abuse to elders include; dependency, caregiver burden, dementia, the number of the aged increasing enormously, and finally staying with adults who are children. The issue of elder abuse has been demanding in our local societies. This is because, when the statistics records are analyzed on the world's populations, the number of individuals aged at around 60 years and above is depreciating at a very high rate. Therefore, it is of great importance to identify some of the common signs and symptoms of the abused elders so as to come up with possible ways on how to curb the problem. This is because; helping elders will be effective if only it starts with local society obtaining support from central.

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Popular signs of an adult who has been subjected to abuse includes, having troubled periods of sleep, quick withdrawal to activities, losing weight for no known cause, rocking forth and back (trauma), appears to be stressed up, possess burns, scars or bruises fro no known source, shaggy in appearance i. Expectations on the matter of elder abuse are; it is a serious issue more so to the affected individual. This is because it can lead to effects that will dwell on their entire life. A number of physical injuries have possibilities of healing as time goes by. But all in all, if it happens one was mistreated at any given time of their life they are subjected to a permanent condition of fear and depression.

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