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The main cause of the fire was not known but it originated from the IT room. Before the damage, the company was among the leading firms in the industry. The management, therefore, decided to relocate the employees to other premises which were privately owned by the manager but in the same locality. The building was not very far from the workplace. This was aimed at maintaining the performance of the company regardless of the incidence. Since the customer base and market share of Hitech Company are large, production of goods and provision of services must never be affected lest customers shift to other companies. Employees performed their duties in their new offices until the company’s infrastructure was restored. Recovery Assessment Effective risk management process in an organization is very important in the current regulatory environment. Carrying out risk management can offer an opportunity for a company to obtain holistic view of the risks it faces. The following are the steps that will be used to conduct risk assessment process: forming a team which will be responsible for assessing the risk and coming up with ways of restoring the state of the organization. The team members should be skilled and well-knowledged so as to enhance the effectiveness of the process. In most cases, the people carrying out the assessment process should be representatives of the staff since they have full information about the organization and can effectively formulate recovery strategies (Haimes, 2015). Individuals who are not part of the workforce may spend a lot of time trying to learn the organization thus causing much delays.

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However, an expert can be hired to help the team implement the set strategies. The second step is Identifying the risk that has affected the operations of the company. In our scenario, the risk is fire which has destroyed the properties of Hitech Company to an extent of terminating daily activities. Employees were not able to perform their roles as required due to lack of resources and working spaces. Most of the resources were destroyed together with the premises. The other thing to identify is the cause of the risk. In such an environment, the main cause of the fire is electricity. Employees in the company might have accidentally caused the fire which is responsible for the damages. However, regardless of the cause of the fire, the recovery team should come up with ways of restoring the state of the company.

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They should ensure that the company is properly working within the shortest time possible. If the team spend much time in dealing with the problem, the competitive advantage of the company will decline. Customers will lose trust in the company especially if the fire led to loss of customer data. For instance, they can forgo the production process for the short period and use the amount on renovating the structures. By so doing, they will be fastening the recovery process and within a short while, the company will resume its normal operations. It is quite obvious that employees cannot have full motivation when working from a different environment rather than the one they are used to. Therefore, all resources can be directed to renovation. The fourth step is identifying some methods of mitigating and reducing future risks.

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They should be accountable for everything and, therefore, before they allow someone to proceed into the premises, they ought to be damn sure that their motive is good. In other words, they should have a genuine reason for being in the company. For the sake of clients, the individual should also act as a customer care personnel. He or she should offer the support needed by clients and if their case is serious, they should be allowed to visit the concerned department. Monitoring is the last step in the recovery process and the company leaders should ensure that everything is in place and working as required. It is recorded in both word for the theoretical measures and excel for the mathematical problems. The only people who should know whether the business is conducting its daily activities or not and also the new location of the business.

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This will ensure connection between the company and the customers thus enhancing their loyalty. Suppliers will also informed of the new activities and location. To deliver this information to both the customers and the suppliers, I will use channels such as social media platforms and television. Tchankova, L. Risk identification–basic stage in risk management. Environmental management and health, 13(3), 290-297.

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