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In essence, one`s ability to do so defines the likelihood of becoming a good decision maker thus denoting the possibilities of one becoming successful. The scope of this paper is to evaluate the significance of emotional intelligence in defining success. It will also seek to analyze the connection that success has with emotional intelligence, outlining an elaborative explanation as to why EI is a crucial pillar of one`s success. Introduction Emotional Intelligence is mainly defined as the capability to know one`s own emotions, understand what they deduce and the impact that they can have on the people around. EI entails the consideration of others on how they feel as a response to one`s emotions. Self-Awareness: As deduced by Daniel, individuals with high emotional intelligence, are aware of who they are.

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These people understand the transitioning of their emotions, and due to this knowledge, they deviate ways of ensuring that their feelings are not in charge of them. Because of their strong trust in their intuitions, they are able to make decisions assertively without the influence of emotions (Cherniss Carry & Daniel, 2001)3. Appropriate decision making is a pivotal determinant of evaluating whether one can be successful or not. Such people are also honest with others and can share their ideas thoughts and viewpoints and also welcome those from outside. In connection to that, these individuals are highly productive and always seek to take a risk in addition to the fact that they usually love and are compassionate about what they do. Arguably, success entails the aspect of taking new risks and staying productive.

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Also, success is not defined by short term expectation but rather long term, an attribute that people with high EI have (Goleman, 2006)5. To add on to that, successful people are resilient to failure since they have an inner ambition that keeps them focused. Social Skills: People who possess social skills to happen to be effective collaborators and team players. They are able to do so as they can denote and predict the change of emotions among workers. According to this meta-analysis, the theoretical inclusions revealed that emotional intelligence was a predictor of job performance specifically evaluating a person`s cognitive ability (O'Boyle et al. The implications also suggested that, due to the conceptual issues that are linked with relative improvement in the workplace, only persons with high cognitive intelligence are able to evade the face the challenging ones and create a positive environment.

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They are able to manage the relationships of the people around them which is a crucial trigger of success. The Bar-on Model depicts that emotional intelligence has a positive impact on success-wise in the workplace. According to an evaluated done on Canadian students in 2004, findings indicated that over 17 percent of scholastic performance was strongly connected with having high emotional intelligence. In another study that was conducted in South African on over 448 university students showed that majority of the students who performed well had high EQI scores. These students were found to be socially and emotionally intelligent (Bar-On , 2006)10. They had the ability to manage their emotions, validate their feelings and articulate ways of solving problems. These attributes enabled them to thrive in academics.

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The ability to focus all energy, thoughts, and capabilities in one direction without emotional distortion is helping in making one successful. According to an online test known as TalentSmart, emotional intelligence was denoted as the most effective tool for defining performance when placed alongside 33 most applied workplace skills. Over 58 percent of people who were successful in their jobs due to their high ability to deal with their emotions (Talentsmart, 2019) 12. It is therefore undeniable to state that emotional intelligence acts as a foundation to critical thinking which has an impact on one`s actions and choices. People with a higher degree of EI are able to advance radically in their areas of work primarily because of being critical thinkers and effective decision makers.

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