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Therefore, fire is said to have a great importance in life since it is used in cooking, heating and many other operations. However, fire can be dangerous if handled in the wrong way. For instance, it can burn trees, houses, and objects. Similarly, if the fire occurs in the forest or cities, it can cause a lot of harm or damage. The reason is that it destroys the entire region leaving ashes. Funny enough, the road had also been named after the field Marshall Lord Grenfell. As a result, the name had become famous in the city. Even though the tower had many years since it was developed, it had become very old and many changes had to be made to transform it.

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Consequently, the renovation of the building was done in 2016 May which made it look new. However, the renovation was relatively expensive. Similarly, the total number of the apartments that were burnet along the tower was 22 and this was caused by the spread of the fire which led to the destruction of the nearby buildings (Booth et al. par. Bearing from the engineering and design decisions The decisions about the results of the fire breakout are based on the codes and standards that govern the construction and design of the building as per the engineering terns. Therefore, there are a number of determinants that initiated the principles and codes of construction. According to the law of construction and design of the building, there are a variety of issues which ought to be considered before a building is developed.

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Based on the fire that consumed the tower, it could be better if there were fire alarms that could be used to signal the occupants of the building to escape the danger. If such components were used, it would have saved many residents thus causing a few deaths. Such alarms can be substituted with the fire controllers within the buildings to enable the residents to escape with ease. However, the presence of such appliances might have had challenges, especially for the residents who were in the buildings above the 4th floor (Smith-Spark par. Lastly, the building did not have a detailed design element as well as the fire safety requirement that could help reduce the risks involved. However, the contractors of the Grenfell tower were forced to reduce the cost of the materials and this was unethical since it contributed a lot to the spread of fire.

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According to the ethical issues in construction and design, the engineers should consider the structure of the tower. Moreover, the renovation of the building should not have been constructed using materials which are cheap since these contributed a lot to the vulnerability of the tower to fire. Risks and Liability As explained in the fire incident, there were risks that were associated with the fire outbreak. For instance, the outbreak of fire caused huge losses. Lastly, the risk of the missing fire doors was due to lack of fire-proof that promoted the spread of the fire to consume the building. Therefore, the fire outbreak was a great liability to the contractors, builders, and the construction authority since they would have to pay for the huge losses.

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The reason is that the laws and standards of construction were not obeyed during construction. Secondly, the Liability lawsuits associated with water, fire, lightening, and earthquake damage was a great problem to the responsible people. The Liability for risks of product installation and materials selection such as fire-proofed doors was a loss which needs compensation. This will help in reducing the cases of blaze destruction of the buildings in case of fire outbreak. During the implementation of the construction plan, the government should monitor the height of the building to inspect the type of the materials used to clad them. The requirement should not allow flammable materials such as polythene bags as well as those which are good conductors of heat.

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If this principle is implemented, the same risks will not have in future. The other thing is an inspection of the fire safety products. However, the work of the engineers is to evaluate if the building was designed and constructed as required. They do so by making proper measurements to ascertain the measurement. Based on the way Grenfell was constructed, engineers did not make mistakes since there was enough money allocated to initiate the construction. However, it must be the contractors who made a mistake during the renovation of the tower. Therefore, engineers should collaborate with the government for proper laws regarding construction materials to be made. telegraph. co. uk/news/0/what-caused-grenfell- tower-fire-all-the-theories “London fire: What happened at Grenfell Tower?” BBC News, BBC, 19 July 2017, www.

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