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According to (Lester, 2010) environmental canning is considered a searching or formal exploration that usually makes use of the formal techniques or methodologies for gathering needed information for a given purpose or goal. It is said to be specific because, it entails a deeper searching and evaluation so as to come up with meaningful research for an organization’s benefit, instead of merely reading of journals and books for information. Therefore it is more about deeply looking in the present certainties and unpredictable things of the future for a better understanding of the Environment. Importance of Environmental Scan • It greatly helps in the identification of important and critical information about an organization, in form of trends and possible challenges that an organization might face.

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With this kind of information an organization can be able to deepen and improve on its strategic options. It has been found that businesses/organization usually use a lot of money when adhering to regulations that prove to be unnecessary in the long run. But important and effective regulations such as health inspections usually helps in the growth of a business. Changes in National and Global Macroeconomics Indicators It’s evident that every organization is a segment of an economy of a particular nation. Thus the macro-economic indicators are factors or variables that signals the current and emerging trends in the economy. These indicators may include; inflation rates, money supply, influence of the public finance and consumer price index. For example the Australian government has set a maximum driving hours for the commercial operations, and this usually affects the Pacific National’s operations.

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The regulations have also has also led to the increase in rail freight costs due to introduction of emission trading scheme. Conclusion I believe that, Pacific National being such a large business in one of the biggest industry (transport and logistics) and serving thousands of people in Australia, would greatly benefit from the environmental scan. Through the environmental scan, it becomes easier for the Pacific National or any other organization/business to be aware and understand all the opportunities and threats or challenges that might face them within the business community. With this information they can formulate an effective strategy for the organization. Most of the time the packages they transport do reach to their destination at the right time, whereas other times they are delayed.

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All of these are mostly as a result of the influence of certain external factors as discussed below. Changes in Government Regulation The success of most of the logistics and transportation operations and companies such as Pacific National greatly depends upon the guarantee of delay free, efficiency and cost effectiveness of domestic and also global freight/shipping. And the vice versa of this can lead to failure. It’s is very evident that the government of Australia is very involved with the shipping and freight done by this organization. Global and National Macro-Economic Indicators There are several macroeconomics that have had a great influence on the success and sometimes the failure of Pacific National, they include; Inflation rates, Inflation usually have a great effect not only on the consumers but also on all operating businesses either good or bad.

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When inflation rates are high it’s very clear that, the consumer purchasing power usually declines and also the price of commodities and services changes. Therefore any business/organization should plan for inflation way ahead. January 2017, the inflation rates in Australia rose more than any other year previously, this had an adverse effect on Pacific National. The organization was forced to raise their cost rates, and this also affected the demanding and purchasing power of its customers, as a result although the organization did well than in 2016, its net profit were greatly affected. Pacific National has more than 7,000 employees. They are the ones that make it possible for the business to cater for its customers in an effective and customer oriented manner.

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They make it possible for the organization’s to sell and service the goods by ensuring that the operations are running throughout and efficiently. There is no business without employees (National, 2017). Social Factors Pacific National usually operates where the society is. For example the increase in the taxation and permit regulation has had an adverse impact on the organization. • Also the economy is another challenge that face the organization. With the increase in coal and fuel cost, this means that there will be a large credit crisis. That’s why the inflation rates keeps on increasing, as a result the organization is pressured and it leads to the increase in the compliance regulation and also declining power. Solution/Recommendations The solution to the challenge that comes with the transportation policy on the specified service operation hours is that, Pacific National should add more trains that can carry a large total packages in a day.

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