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Keeping it safe is keeping the life of living creatures. Due to the rapid increase of industrialization in the United States, the environment has been endangered. This is because of a massive release of waste products from the industries. This project aims at protecting the environment and all the existing living species in the environment through the utilization of most used products such as plastics. This project focuses majorly on waste management practice by recycling plastics that are commonly used in day to day activities in the country. After collecting the waste products, they are transported to an industry which deals with recycling practices. At the industry, the waste products are cleaned, sorted out then they are being processed out into favorable materials for manufacturing of useful products.

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When the products are recycled successfully, pricing is done to them; their cost will be the same as the raw material depending on the market demand and supply (Anyon 64). This project is quite useful in that it is ecosystem friendly. This is because recycling of waste materials will minimize or reduces pollution. It also minimizes the cost of production hence, increasing the output of the industry. For any industry, it aims at the mass production of products at a minimum price. Also, this project dramatically aims at the reduction of global warming. This is because when the waste products from industries are disposed of, others decompose emitting gases such as carbon dioxide, sulfur, and nitrogen. For waste materials that cannot decompose, they are typically combusted hence, emitting the same gases that are responsible for global warming (Anyon 62).

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