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Scientific research points out that addictive substances and behaviours have a direct link with the brain and the hormonal system. The part of the brain that is responsible for addiction is known as a Limbic system which releases hormone (dopamine) which makes the person feel good or intense pleasure. The person will, therefore, become wired to the substance abuse or certain behaviour in order to quench that desire. Addiction | Psychology Today", 2018) SEXUAL ADDICTION Sexual addiction is an uncontrollable behaviour in which a person cannot manage his or her own sexual urges. In males, it is known as satyriasis and nymphomania in females. Hess, 2011) Types of sexual addiction; In Hong Kong, there are a high number of sexually obsessed people more than any other part of the world according to a survey done by Ariadna Peretz, the founder of Maitre D’ate- a matchmaking company based in Hong Kong.

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According to Peretz, people in Hong Kong spend most of their time at work and have little time for leisure. Because of the stressful environment, the majority of the workers and youths have sunk into sexual addiction with a notion of relieving their daily work stress. Compulsive sexual behaviours are on the rise to many Hongkongers and many other people globally. Sexual addicts explore either one or all of the following types of sex fantasies to satisfy their compelling sexual drives. For instance, a person may be beaten, bound with chains or abused in order to become sexually aroused. Though not common so common, it is evident among some individuals and it is dangerous to the person or the partner as one may sustain physical injuries. Ramsland & McGrain, 2010) Other types of sexual addiction include; cybersex, telephone sex and strip club.

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THEORIES OF SEXUAL ADDICTION Several theories and researches have been done all trying to explain the science or reasons behind the excess sexual dependency on human beings (Marvasti, 2004). The following sub-topics summarize the major studies that have been done to explain the concept of human sexual addiction. They include Kaplan, Krueger, Bergner and Montaldi. They attributed sexual addiction to early childhood negative experiences. In this theory, they said that excess sexual urges were a mechanism to recover from early childhood dehumanizing experiences. Mostly, such experiences were sexual abuse such as rape or child negligence. Schwartz after noting that majority of people who experienced sexual abuse during their childhood days were highly probable of showing sexual addictive symptoms in future as post-traumatic stress disorder. The research identified that patients with higher superior frontal lobe exhibited excess sexual compulsive behaviours than the rest.

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According to neurobiological theorists, engaging in drug and substance abuse may result in compulsive sexual behaviours. Medical research identified substances like cocaine and methamphetamine to accelerate sexual curiosity among the drug addicts. Those drugs contain certain chemical ingredients which trigger the sexual arousal system. The production of dopamine hormones increases sexual appetite and drive leading to development irresistible sexual behaviours alongside drug addiction. Majority of all sexually appetitive ladies have acquired pregnancy while engaging in unprotected sexual intercourse. This has led to many schools and college girls in Hong Kong to discontinue their studies to raise their children. Unwanted pregnancies are highly scorned by society and some die while aborting the fetus leading to loss of life. Katehakis, 2009) Sexual addiction can also lead to drug and substance abuse. Some sexual addicts engage in drug abuse in order to suppress negative emotional moods such as fear, depression, and anxiety among others.

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The final step is internalization and the client is taught new values which were messed up in the course of growth. Psychopharmacological treatment; this is a scientific clinical treatment and it involves administration of drugs to patients with excess sexual behaviours. Scientific medical research states that hypersexuality is caused by hormones and hormonal neuron transmitters. In this case, patients are injected with antiandrogens and psychotropics to regulate a sexual hormonal system which is responsible for excess sexual drive. Laaser & Laaser, 2009) Conclusion; In the contemporary world, sexual addiction has become so rampant both to the youth and even married couples in Hong Kong and in many other parts of the world. Das, S. Hatta, N. Alfonso, C. Hypersexuality As a Neuropsychiatric Disorder: The Neurobiology and Treatment Options. Current Drug Targets, 19(12) Hess, S.

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Ramsland, K. McGrain, P. Inside the minds of sexual predators. Santa Barbara, Calif. Praeger. Laaser, M. Healing the wounds of sexual addiction. Grand Rapids, Mich. Zondervan.

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