Establishment of an efficient and strategic virtual organizational knowledge team

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First of all, organizational knowledge ensures quality of production which is a great determinant of brand image and corporate goodwill. Moreover, the organizational knowledge is crucial in recruitment and selection of company’s talents because the recruitment procedure is in alignment with the organizational values and philosophies (van den Berg, 2013). Moreover, organizational knowledge facilitates effective cost management because very little or no time and energy is used in pretesting operations but the total focus of the organization is channeled to the core operations. Moreover, it is imperative to note that, for effective management of an organizational knowledge an efficient support team is inevitable that will spearhead the process of enhancing organizational knowledge within an organization. Therefore, this paper focuses on the establishment of an efficient and strategic virtual organizational knowledge team. Team Description The formation of the virtual organizational knowledge team has been inspired by the prospect of potential retirement of senior knowledge workers in Ideal Solutions Holdings Limited (ISL). Therefore in order to ensure consistency and efficiency in operation, the creation of a new team with diverse expertise is needed to avoid creating an organizational operational and leadership gap. Ideal Solutions Holdings Limited is an international service company that is has invested in three major investment fronts including hospitality, banking, and manufacturing. The organization operates globally with but with a vertical line of command. The Chief Executive Officer is the utmost authority and is assisted in the managerial work by the regional directors who are in charge of different regions.

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Moreover, the professionals are to be engaged on a part-time basis hence shall not be included in the monthly payroll as permanent employees. Most importantly, the team shall promote maximum capacity utilization since they shall have no idle time. Likewise, the cost of transportation and accommodation is insignificant because the professional most times shall work from home and according to their conveniences. Invitation of remote members The selection criterion for the virtual team members will majorly be based on the online platform. The professionals and social communication platforms will highly be instrumental in the diverse talent search. Virtual team mission The virtual team shall be guided by the overall mission of the Ideal Solutions Holdings Limited. The Ideal Solutions Holdings Limited is focused on the provision of customer focused, inclusive and quality products in banking, hospitality and in manufacturing to provide the best customer value proposition while maximizing wealth for the shareholders.

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The mission statement will serve as a reminder of the objective of the team and articulate the organizational philosophy of shared values which will ensure the organizations thrives while giving the best customer service and creating wealth for the shareholders. External forces shaping the team’s capabilities The major contributor to success is peer evaluation and reviews which involves the evaluation of one department or group of employees by employees in another group. The peer review gives a personal yet an objective judgment about the performance of another employee or organizational department. For convenience, the virtual team meeting shall use either teleconferencing or video-conferencing. The Teleconferencing uses the audio effect hence only the voice of the individual members is heard but their physical appearance may not be seen. The major shorting of teleconferencing is that the effectiveness of body language may not be realized since the physical appearance is either unclear or not present (Lohikoski & Haapasalo, 2013).

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Nevertheless, the video-conferencing overrules the challenges of teleconferencing since the physical appearance of the individual employees is seen clearly and hence incorporates the mood of a normal meeting. Moreover, visual expressions are clear hence points can be clarified through body language as opposed to teleconferencing. Therefore, the project is almost 100% efficient and enables the organization to save on cost hence the management will be excited to implement it. Five strategic measures First of all, the virtual team will eliminate managerial gap by replacing the retiring senior organization members. Secondly, it will provide a wide pool of professionals enhancing organizational knowledge. Thirdly, it will serve as an expansion strategy since the professionals will be able to run the affairs of the organization in different geographical regions. Fourthly, it will reduce the cost of operation by eliminating chances of contracting external capacity since the team is inclusive of all professional backgrounds (Kasemsap, 2016).

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Strategic management and leadership for systems development in virtual spaces, 1-21. Lohikoski, P. Haapasalo, H. Virtual competencies and knowledge transfer in global NPD: A case study. International Journal of Management, Knowledge and Learning, 2(2), 185-207.

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