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Nevertheless, social status is a position in which an individual holds in a given group or society. According to Samiksha, status is sociologically important since people attach the position of an individual to a particular set of presumed rights, expectations and presumed obligations for particular behaviors. Besides, social status is affected by various factors such as education, family background, wealth and occupation among others. In societies which are stratified to comprise of a hierarchical social structure, individuals are grouped into social classes thereby being valued differently in that society. Furthermore, some types of society value rigid social class systems with no or little social mobility hence there is no opportunity to change the social status of an individual. Thus, achieved status is based on merit or choices.

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For instance, being a professional footballer or an athlete as well as being a college professor, a lawyer, a criminal or even a nurse is an achieved status. Besides, there are required criteria which must be met in order for an individual to obtain the achieved status. For instance, in order for an individual to be a professional sociologist, they had to graduate from college, complete an internship and graduate from the school of social sciences. Moreover, some social statuses are considered to more prestigious as can be compared to others. This takes us to the social position which involves an individual ranking of roles a certain culture and society for instance being a parent, a priest or even girlfriend (Crossman).

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