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More importantly, the student achievements are advanced by the Board of Education through sound policy governance, community engagement, fiscal responsibility, and accountability. The graduating rate for the school has been adversely dropping since 2010, for example, it was 74. 1% in 2013, yet it was 76. 1% in 2010 (Brower, 2017). The graduation rate is a critical factor used for determining the performance of the schools and the educational field in general. It is as well important to consider the movement and transfer of highly valued and key staff to quite growing academies and schools that offer better opportunities. There are as well social factors that affect the performance of the schools and the education industry for better performance and effective management of the systems. For instance, the changes in the local population either through decreasing or increasing affects the performance of the school based on the enrollment rate in such schools.

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The constant decline in the birth rates in the country reflects that national trends and the performance of the schools. Similarly, there have been changes in the demography of the areas in which these schools operate in and affect the enrollment of the students such as enrollment of students with English as their second language affects the manner in which the school handles their students and staffs, and the general performance (Brower, 2017). The supplier The supplier power is determined by the infrastructure and teachers which affect the pedagogical choices (Rothaermel, 2015). For instance, meeting the growing demand for better and more teachers makes it quite necessary for the school management to ensure an increase in the salary costs of the teachers and the school in general.

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Similarly, the infrastructure of the school greatly influences the budget of the schools. For instance, building attractive and big laboratory facilities may be quite tempting for the management, but it will require reduction of the salary budget and ultimately weakens the ability of the school to attract and keep their top teaching talent properly. The buyer On the power of the buyer, the schools face with the influx of the international students who pay higher tuition and contributions to the school, as well as the international price pressure on the schools that they have to standardize their curriculum to an international level. The threat of new entry The threat of new entry by the stackable credentials such as associate degrees and certificates that involves job upgrade, or upgrade contributes to the threat of new entrants.

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These are changes that schools must adapt to in the society. SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats 1. Many great staff and teachers with the National Board Certification. Sound curriculum strongly aligned to the 21st-century competencies and skills 3. Security- both locally and nationally; high crime rates 4. Poor public transportation system; traffic congestion According to Bell & Rochford (2016), in recent times, the organization has constantly faced threats over social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Threats adversely affected the attitude of the parents and students towards enrollment in the institution, making it necessary to properly reassure them of the precautions taken to ensure vigilance and protection of the students and the staff. Besides, various schools have experienced violent threats, though; all the threats have not proved to be credible and must have been pranks aimed at taking advantage of the fearful students and the general public.

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