Factors to Consider When Choosing a Business Laptop or Tablet for Professional Real Estate Agent

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6 Laptops. 7 Recommended tablet or laptop………. 8 Dell XPS 13………. 5-inch iPad Pro ……………………………. 9 Conclusion ……………………………………. It is significant, therefore to examine different types of tablets and laptops that can easily get the duties carried out successfully. Currently, the difference between business tablets and laptops is extremely narrow. Initially, the two were differentiated by the operating system, but the ongoing advancements have resulted in the creation of tablets that run on windows. Some are even connected to physical keyboards that can be detached any time (Shoup, 2014). However, laptops have their unique mark in the commercial society. Having an expensive gadget is not a guarantee that the agent is not going to experience some challenges (Hunter, 2013). Every user must take care of his or her machine, ensure it is always clean, install upgraded management and backup systems, and make sure it is protected from viruses.

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Users should choose laptops and tablets that can be handled and repaired by other authorized outlets without the influence of the companies that manufactured them. For example, Apple Inc. uses the OS X operating system that is always suitable for all Mac applications and can be redesigned by all authorized entities. Many mac computers have a design and media frameworks that are inbuilt. However, most laptops are currently fitted with design software, for example, Adobe Creative Suite. Creative applications are also integrated into the systems so that to enhance their functionality. Speed The most embarrassing thing to an agent is experiencing technical issues when he or she has an appointment with the client. It is essential for the agent to ensure his or her tech tools are operational at all times so that they can deliver their services without many challenges.

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Storage Outdoor work requires extensive utilization of videos, PowerPoint, and top-quality pictures. Hence, acquiring a high storage hard drive is necessary. A hard drive that has more than five hundred gigabytes is considered to be the perfect match between space and costs. Agents should avoid solid-state drives because they are both expensive and have little storage capacity. Equally, they do not allow the spinning of other components. Moreover, the ultra-low-wattage processors that are integrated with high performing chips can be used by the agents. In most entry-level laptops standard, low-voltage, high-powered processors are used. It is necessary for the agents to examine these computers closely their power usage framework is intact and has a longer battery life. Equally, they should avoid purchasing laptops with less than four-gigabyte Random Access Memory.

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Choosing a machine with eight or sixteen gigabytes is relatively advantageous (Shoup, 2014). It is also notable that many tasks are easy to carry out when using a tablet, for example, reading online resources. Their prices vary depending on their features, brand, and selling outlets. People who want tablets with a high storage capacity and uses both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity are likely to pay more. Table of Percentages Sales of Business Tablets Company Percentage sales-2016 Percentage sales-2017 Apple 27 24 Samsung 15 15 Amazon. com 10 7 Huawei 8 6 Lenovo 6 6 Others 34 42 A Stacked Bar Graph Showing Percentage Sale of Business Tablets Laptops Although tablets are considered to be more advantageous than laptops, they certainly fall short in some vital fields. These devices enable them to carry more data whenever needed.

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Table of Percentages Sales of Business Laptops Company Percentage of sales-2016 Percentage of sales-2017 HP 22 24 Lenovo 21 20 Dell 16 16 Asus 10 9 Apple 9 9 Acer 8 8 Other 14 13 A Stacked Bar Graph Showing Percentage Sale of Business Laptops Recommended Tablet or Laptop A real estate agent job requires the use of a high-quality system that can enable the user to explore various items when and as needed. Acquiring a more powerful and capable device will help in ensuring the agent carries out his or her tasks efficiently. An ideal business laptop should at least come with a longer warranty of between two and three years. The user should be able to access a specialized tech support team with ease. It weighs one kilogram and its battery can go for twenty-three hours.

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It is highly ranked than the MacBook Pro, which equally has good features for business people. Its screen allows the user to utilize its sensitivity to carry out all tasks when he or she is not comfortable with the physical keyboard. Also, the screen operates as infinity edge display (Schurman and Gokey, 2018). It is considered to be among the first devices to integrate 8th generation Intel processors that make them more powerful and efficient. It has four speakers that amplify the sound system and makes the recorded videos audible. iPad Pro utilizes A10X Fusion chip that is integrated with sixty-four-bit architecture M10 co-processor. The pencil can be used to explore its screen. The user can apply the pencil without using the on-screen keyboard (Larsen, 2018).

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