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The free-in clothing line will both produce and sell casual clothing, officials, sports and many clothes that will fit many occasions depending on the demand of consumers. The business will be able to compete favourably in the market since it will produce clothes that are fashionable and unique in style as well. Products The business will be established with an aim of producing and selling highly fashionable and quality clothes for women, men, children and young adults for different occasions. As we all know that quality is the basic thing for any business success. Therefore, the business will ensure that the clothes it produces meet and even exceeds the expectations of customers both locally and internationally (Lee, 2012). By doing that, the business shall stay worthwhile and in a high demand as well (Lee, 2012).

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In addition, finding or getting distributors for the business products is another goal of free-in business. It means getting in contact with the intermediaries or merchandise so as they can be able to distribute the products to middle-class people since they are many in the population. Other goals of the Free-in business includes; • Attracting many customers within the first month of production by the use of social media platform and advertisements. • To set a record in terms of sales • To fulfil the changing needs and demands of customers. Joining and exit policies. Clear and detailed policies to be followed by workers has to be established when joining and quitting the business and what the worker could expect from the business. Either party have an oblige of ending employment at any given time and there is no policy that founds a predetermined obligation to workers on part of the business.

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Salary and workers benefits. A worker has to have a clear understanding of his or her salary break up, policy regarding obtaining a business loan, advance policy and repayment, bonus structure, promotions and payment increase and overtime pay. Business leaders needs to use framing and reframing when solving problems in the business. Creativity and imagination should be the key aspects in the reframing of problems in the Free-in business. The aspect of imagination need to be applied in the business as it comprises envisioning the things that do not exist to solve a particular problem or issue. On the other hand, creativity would be the application of imagination so as to address the issue. Innovation in the business will be the application of creativity by the leader or workers to generate unique solutions.

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The general manager will be responsible for recruitment, building the business image by cooperating with customers and many more responsibilities (Lee, 2012). The accountant will receive payments on behalf of the business, issuing receipts to customers and many more roles. The fashion designer is responsible for design the products or clothing in order to meet customer’s latest trend, advice the business on style, size and fashion statements. The factory workers will be responsible for packaging and ironing clothes, clean interior and exterior business and many other roles. In addition, the tailors will be sewing clothes as instructed by fashion designer and handle any duty as authorized by the general manager. From the Bible, the major component of a man according to God is an ability to reason well.

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