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Currently, all countries and organizations all over the world are trying their best to ensure gender equality among their employees and leadership positions to attract unity and more customers. Just 6 Member States have come to or are near achieving the edge of 40 for every penny of every sex (Sweden, Finland, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands and Denmark). Legally mandating gender inequality does not mean there is equality in the politics, women are always discriminated when it comes to opinions and ideas to govern the country. Over the years, several parties have come up demanding for the equality of gender to hold public leadership positions. The struggle for same-gender rights and privileges started in 1920 when women first gained their fundamental right to vote.

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Moreover, women nowadays hold high public offices like the office of the chief justice and also Supreme Court judges. This shows that the fight for gender equality is taking effect as it should. However, the battle for gender inequality has been on for several years defending the rights and the place of women in leadership that the male gender has been forgotten. Many public offices and leadership positions prefer to hire women since they are attractive and is assumed that they will attract more customers to the business. Men have to try every means possible to get the job and struggle to keep it. This is because it is believed that women are more caring and more hardworking than men. It is the exact opposite of what gender equality means and should be changed.

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This was expected since women who assume any political position are under pressure to deliver which makes them work even harder than men. The focus on women continued even after the playground was leveled and both genders got equal opportunities. The issue of gender equality should be a thing of the past in this civilized era since every gender is allowed to participate and contest for any opportunity and leadership position available. Women are now making history in politics. Hillary Clinton made history when she got tentatively nominated for a major political party as the first woman in the United States. The many men and women who fought for gender equality are being echoed for their efforts. They paved way for the success of women.

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Women have held various powerful positions in politics such as the vice president, congress, supreme courts, governors, mayors, presidential cabinets among others. huffingtonpost. com/lili-gil/women-in-congress_b_1374030. html. There have been an issue on the under representation of women in politics. The population of the U. Accessed April 20, 2018. http://eige. europa. eu/rdc/eige-publications/gender-equality-political-decision-making. There is no need for equal involvement for both genders, men and women, in politics. Women participation in politics is relatively low. The average percent for women representation in politics should be 28%. Studies conducted showed that most countries fall below the 28% mark. A country such as Ireland has a woman representation mark of 24%. The cross-party committee, Oireachtas, has currently explored the reasons behind poor women representation in politics.

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Few families living with relatives apply for citizenship in the US. Families with few Cross tabulation explanations Citizenship * gender Cross tabulation There is a higher IAP on male than female which accounts for 32. 3% than female which accounts for 15. More female are applying for citizenship as compared to male with 62. 6% for females and 20. 1% for males and 4. 0% for females. Relationship to the head of household * gender Cross tabulation More males are head of the house as compared to the females with males accounting 45. 1% compared to female 7. 7% of children that are males 11. Non relatives 5. 1% are males and 1. 9% are females. 8% of males had no response while 7. 3% of females had no response. 4% were not eligible. 9% of non-relatives don’t know whether to apply for the citizenship or not.

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