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The main character is a 26-year-old African-American cinematographer by the name Chris Washington. Chris is in a relationship with a white girl by the name Rose Armitage. The basis of the film originates from this interracial relationship which sets the pace towards the events that Chris encounters when they visit Rose’s parents for the first time. Summary Chris and Rose set out to visit her family on the weekend, and that’s when Chris is exposed to racism and trauma that changes his life. The first instance of racism occurs when they get involved in an accident on their way to the girlfriends' home. Walter’s interaction with Chris is significant since he implies to know Chris yet they have never met.

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Walter describes Rose with a lot of clarity as if they had been together in the past. This is evident when Chris sees pictures that prove Walter is one of the many black people that Rose had lured to their home. Georgina, on the other hand, seems lost and tired. His facial expression reveals someone living in fear and anxiety. The real power of hypnosis is revealed during a gathering that brings together some of Armitage’s close friends. Chris is thrilled to meet a black man among them. But just like the two black servants, the man seems lost. Chris finds the man to be familiar, he decides to take a picture of the man and send it to his friend Rod.

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His attempt to secretly take a picture of the man creates a flash. Before he can even leave, he sees pictures that reveal the hypocrisy of his girlfriend. Rose had dated other black people in the past including the two servants. Her relationship with Chris was a just a way to lure him to the Armitage’s home so that he could be hypnotized. This is a shocking revelation that breaks his trust in Rose. Before he can even escape the family cooperate to subdue him and place in a basement. Instead of the policemen helping Rod they make jokes about his situation. Rose’s ability to lure Chris into their home is as a result of a well-structured plan, hypocrisy and narcissistic behavior.

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Even when Chris enquires to know whether her parents know that she is dating a black man, Rose insists that they are not racists. Every time Chris faces racial bias Rose is on the frontline to defend him even from his own family. This indicates a high level of hypocrisy. Do you still believe you are to blame for your mother’s death? 10. How do you feel about Rod both before and after the incident? Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). This therapy is essential since Chris needs someone who will be mindful of whatever he says considering the trauma he suffered. This includes recognition of the pain and torture that he experienced resulting from the betrayal by his girlfriend rose someone that he loved and trusted.

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Additionally, mindfulness therapy is relevant as it requires me to understand his pain and hatred towards white people. He was only a child, and there is very little he could have done to save his mother. This will help him move away from these feelings of regret and remorse. Mindfulness-Based Cognitive therapy program will last for eight weeks and will involve three sessions per week. These sessions will partly include group therapy where Chris will interact with other people who killed in self-defense (Beck, Davis, & Freeman, 2016). Also, he will meet individuals recovering from heartbreaks resulting from betrayal and hypocrisy within relationships. This Mindfulness-Based therapy is crucial since it incorporated yoga and meditation. References Beck, A. , Davis, D. , & Freeman, A.  Cognitive Therapy of Personality Disorders.

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