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It is assumed that the higher the purchasing power, the higher the chances of this particular group to purchase beverage commodities. The following is an analysis of each of the three countries in relevance to consumer habits and trends: Turkey Turkey is largely a middle class economy thus the citizens are regarded to be having high purchasing powers. The country has been recording a steady economic growth due to the increase of investments activities that have been witnessed in the past ten years. The cider market in Turkey recorded exponential growth during the period under review (2012-2016). However, the growth is expected to slump over the forecast period (2016-2021). South Africa Although classified as a middle class economy, the gap between the rich and the poor in South Africa is significantly wide.

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The cider market in South Africa is currently experiencing a boom. The purchasing power in this country is fairly impressive. Consequently, the personal care industries have experienced a boom in South Africa hence illustrating a picture of a stable market. However, consumers in this country prefer locally made goods to foreign products. Indonesia Indonesia is predominantly Muslim. Since Muslims have attitudes against alcohol, they highly welcome and encourage the consumption of non-alcohol products. The cider market in this country has impressively grown and still promising. A marketing strategy informing the public that Sweet Rose Cider is a friendly product will impact the performance of the product positively. Therefore, Indonesia might be a favorite destination for the launch of the Sweet Rose Cider.

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However, strict restrictiveness on foreign flows has rendered a blow on foreign firm. The stringent measures on the foreign firms can lower the profit margins. Nevertheless, Indonesia can be the ideal international destination for the launch of the Sweet Rose Cider. South Africa South Africa has very strong institutions including an independent judiciary. The judiciary is open for the foreigners to file their cases the same way it open for the citizens. The only threat in this country is that the largest population of the beverages consumers is alcohol users. Distribution Infrastructure Turkey Turkey has a highly developed transport infrastructures that includes roads, rail, and air. This means that the systems in this country support effective and efficient movement of goods from place to the other.

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Since Sweet Rose Cider is a packed product, it requires transportation from the plant to the various consumption destinations. Therefore, there will no problems in distributing the product in this country. Therefore, advertising the Sweet Rose Cider would be a problem in Turkey. Indonesia Freedom of the press is unlimited in this country hence the easy access to media channels. The cost of advertising is relatively fair compared to the other countries. Literacy level is very high in the country and this means that the potential consumers will find it easy to decipher the advertisement features. It is therefore relevant to launch the Sweet Rose Cider in Indonesia. The cost of production is significantly lower than in the United States due to low cost of labor.

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