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France gained substantive market presence due to the establishment of ancient wine brands that delivered the best hence attaining market recognition early enough by wealthy consumers of wine. The establishment of the Bordeaux committee and appellation controlee structure contributed to the regulatory framework that sought to ensure wine production in France adhered to strict guidelines on high quality for the ever-changing global consumer market (Bartlett, 2009, 7). The application of latest innovations in wine production enhanced the efficiency of their processes and competitiveness. The support of the French government equally played a pivotal role in promoting the French brand together with regulation on quality to avoid counterfeits that paint an adverse market perception. Nonetheless, the French wine was equally faced with significant vulnerabilities in expanding their competitiveness and global market presence that posed a substantive threat to their growth prospects.

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Part two The Australian Wine Association should understand the significant role they play in promoting and establishing a positive image based on the value they initiate to the global wine arena. The Association should undertake awareness campaigns that seek to change the perception of Australia as producers of cheap wine and make it competitive against the old wine producers such as France (Banks, & Overton, 2010, 63). The association should lobby for several legislations and establishment of structures that make the Australian wine production competitive to the Chinese market. The association should submit the different vulnerabilities that pose a significant threat to their performance for support and research on how the government can initiate initiatives of enhancing the production of wine. The Australian Wine Association should equally offer their input in ensuring the establishment of premium pricing of their products both locally and internationally to make them economically viable and profitable.

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