Globalization and Culture Exploring South Africa

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This is discussed as follow. Consequences of Culture and Globalization on Culture and Values for South Africa. South Africa is the best African country that can be used to illustrate the existence of cultural conflict as a result of the integration of many cultures from different parts of the world. For globalization to work in any country, there is a need for cultural understanding. However, when people from different diversities fail to agree on certain economic, ethnic, political, racial as well as religious ideologies, then there is a big problem. This is a detrimental consequence of globalization of culture which eventually led to the discriminant apartheid policy. Cultural globalization also led to the deterioration of the indigenous cultural life of the people of South Africa.

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Essentially, this affected the continuation of cultural lifestyles due to the introduction of a foreign culture from the west. Other than deterioration of the indigenous culture, there was also a serious jeopardy in the implementation of democratic principles as a result of the adoption of the white culture in South Africa, a culture that was full of discrimination precisely referred to as the apartheid culture. Benefits of Globalization on Culture and Values for South Africa Cultural globalization has, on the other hand, resulted in some benefits to the people of South Africa. d. , p. Some of these policies include policies on the promotion of national unity in diversity, ensuring that citizens have respect for one's culture and those of the other people, policies that ensure the promotion of cultural change and social inclusion, policies that strengthen partnerships as well as those which promotes environmental protection.

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