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Each shopper was different and unique in their own way, but there were certain similarities between them that drew my attention. For instance, the shop assistant in the vegetable section was receiving more compliments and had more shoppers actually pick and check out their items that the one in the fruit section. Problem To try and understand I tried moving to the grocery shop a lot. I tried to keep myself unnoticed in order to avoid tampering with what I would observe. As mentioned the shop assistant on the green leafy vegetable side was receiving more attention. Conclusion and solution to problem Basically what the vegetable shop assistant did was to make sure that the customers felt like they could count on her at all times.

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She made them feel safe and tried to initiate conversations to make the customers experience more human connection in that the customers could interact with another person at a grocery shop and not just pick stuff and check out. The colour arrangement stood out to people to show them that she was invested in her work, she took time to arrange them in patterns hence she cares for what she does. After reviewing her behaviour if I was the manager of the grocery shop I wouldn’t only award her as the employee of the year I would also ensure that the others learnt something from her. As a manager, I would seek to boost the sales of the whole grocery shop by having all the shop assistants work effortlessly to make the shopping experience more meaningful.

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