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The group-oriented skills are classified into three: - Skills that facilitate significant group interactions, Skills that build groups and skills that enable the working of groups. Capabilities that allow useful group discussions The skills can further be classified as- A) Linking: - involves making connections and bridges between the group members, relating to their issues and enabling direct interactions. Some of the ways linkages are achieved is through relating several commentaries together through summaries and connecting group members with their shared experience that serve to build trust and cohesion. B) Cuing: - inviting group members to speak by this keenly observing the members to identify the smallest non-verbal communications and how each group member is responding to all that is being said.

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Some of the cuing techniques applied may include developing sensitivity to the group members' reactions as a signal to intervene and also inviting any of the group members to articulate issues that may have been represented through the relayed non-verbal cues. C) Preserving the group's continuity through its history: - achieved through reminding the group of its previous experiences, reviewing the lessons of the group's past engagements as they begin current assignments and help encourage the group advance the symbols of their past achievements. Other group building skills may include verbalizing traditions to maintain control of the group as well as heightening the group's identity and loyalty. Skills that facilitate the workings of groups They include- 1. The amplification of subtle messages: - such as identifying unnoticed communicative patterns that may consist of voice tones, words, and facial expressions, verbalizing them together with meta-communication messages that are often relayed subtly.

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