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This initiative aims at improving safety to the people owning, as well as those that do not possess weapons and increasing the number of privately owned firearms. Research has established a close relationship between the growing violence and gun ownership. For instance, robbery, suicide, and deaths experienced in Texas are all related to the prevalence of gun ownership. Studies reveal that the people of Texas several have handguns accompanied with weak gun regulations, therefore, accounting for the increased cases of gun violence. News covered in the televisions, newspapers, and radios include crimes related to gun violence. “Serious injuries or death most likely are as a result of assaults by firearm as of the use of weapons of another form” (Evans et al.

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However, the laws governing gun use in Texas has demonstrated to be of advantage rather than to generate havoc. Eventually, for the elementary perspective of human nature, the enlightened citizen decides issues concerning gun control for their human view. As the country becomes flooded in firearms due to this option getting proof, possession of millions of weapons by the total population in America becomes added with numerous riffles, small guns and hand-guns (Carter et al. Likewise, in the instances of self-defense, guns are of importance, and if they get gravely control or banned, law-breakers would with ease retrieve the firearm, whereas, individuals steadfast in the law becomes incapable. Schmidt’s research (2008) reports hindrance of individuals from legally buying firearms brings criminals in the venture.

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The claim of hindering possession of weapons makes it intolerable for the formal procurement of guns from legitimate businesses and produces a black market from which citizens illegally possess weapons illegally. Buying of a firearm become unauthorized same as the selling and procuring of harmful drugs, thereby, causing an increase in coordinated attacks and crimes. To intercept ventures related to corruption, the vet on weapons needs elimination and individuals adhering to the law to procure weapons they expect, only from authorized dealers legally Contrarily, regulations on firearm control do not hinder criminals the reach of guns and making use of them in criminal violations. As revealed by research, developing rules on the use of firearms or not, criminals still independently engage in criminal offenses.

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(Schmidt et al. Conclusion Texas, with its several guns, and highly permissive gun laws, faces a much more severe problem of lethal firearms than any other high-income countries. Children get prone to death mostly by weapons at far higher rates. The high number of weapons in the state corresponds to the high number of violent deaths experienced in the nation (Webster et al. Ideally, preventing possession of guns does not reduce the incidences of homicides but paralyzes the ownership rights of citizens. R. Carr, N Joseph Cayer, & Mark McKenzie. American Public Policy: An Introduction. Cengage Learning, 2015. Print Crooker, Constance E. A Guide to Sources of Texas Criminal Justice Statistics. Denton, Texas: University of North Texas Press, 2011. Print. Lott, John R. The War On Guns: Arming Yourself Against Gun Control Lies.

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