Harassment and Discrimination in The Workplace

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In the modern world of business, data stream at a rate that not only prevents absorption but complete comprehension of information. Making decisions in the workplace is often based on the prior reasoning of individuals and may or may not be of biblical sound. Specifically, in the marketplace, as producers and consumers are required to navigate labyrinth transactions which are of ethical significance (Fnais, Soobiah & Tricco, 2014). The role played by biblical understanding on business ethics still remains an open debate, scholars still continue with the research of modernism and its limitations in addressing religion and moral issues. Secular Worldview on Harassment and Discrimination Discrimination refers to the act of being treated or treated by someone unfairly or differently. The secular world view discrimination as illegal when individuals are treated unfairly based on their personal status or characteristics, race or sex, which is clearly and well protected under the existing anti-discrimination laws. Since the set laws on discrimination prohibit individuals or group of people from discriminating others based on the written categories, not every unfair treatment in the workplace is illegal or a form of discrimination (Bowen, Edwards & Lingard, 2013). Arguably, discrimination can be expressed as harassment by the rest of the colleges in the workplace, for instance when an individual, supervisor or the boss does or says something that creates intimidation, hostility or threatens the working environment. The secular world views harassment and discrimination as illegal when it is based on the personal characteristics or traits of an individual. To be legal the secular world believes that harassment must be pervasive or severe such that it interferes with the employee’s responsibilities and ability to effectively perform an act (Furunes & Mykletun, 2010).

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In many cases, employment discrimination in the workplace also comprises complaints from employees in a hostile working environment. Often, a hostile environment is created when an individual in the workplace is treated in an opposite and negative manner which makes him or her unable to effectively perform his or her duties effectively (McLaughlin, Uggen & Blackstone, 2012). A good example is in a firm where there are five engineers, four being men while one is a woman, they are all paid $48,000 but the woman engineer is paid $40,000, however the other four men keep on saying how well they are paid unlike others, this creates an environment that is not conducive for the woman engineer to effectively perform her duties. Secular world also suggests that sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal, unlawful and any person attempting or doing the act should be apprehended to the relevant authority.

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Sexual harassment refers to unwelcome conduct which is sexual in nature. Workplace ethics, in other words, are extensions of one’s personal standards which help individuals in making certain important decisions (Bauman & Ponniah, 2017). The current worldview is totally deemed in the wrongdoings which are associated with shady deals and immorality in the workplaces. st Corinthians 4:2 explains that those who are in leadership have a responsibility of ensuring they are faithful to those they lead and to those who have insured their trust in them. in this particular verse, the Bible is very clear and provides several principles that could be applied in workplace ethics. The bible is against leaders who promote harassment in the workplace by either favoring or assigning favorable duties to individuals they like (Piper, 2016). Simply, it implies that in the current world employees should respect and obey their employers in the view that they are the master’s servants.

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These instructions to both the employer and the employee convey that both of them are responsible and have an obligation of treating each other with equality and respect in a manner which is consistent of the brotherhood of one child of God to another. What Christians should consider Important Obviously, any sexual harassment in the workplace with someone who is not your spouse is totally illegal and off-limits to all Christians trying to honor God. Besides the sexual component research has it that any harassment in the workplace especially sexual harassment is more about power. This implies that those managing power should be completely consistent with the bible teachings. Listening to other people around them can create and develop good relations, and in case someone is uncomfortable with a specific thing they can raise up the issue and thus appropriate action can be taken.

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Christians should also consider reporting certain harassment or discrimination cases that may arise in the workplace. Reporting individuals who are abusive and discriminating in the workplaces to the senior officers and other relevant organizations in charge is an effective way to stop the spread of discrimination. For instance, sexual harassment activities or attempts should be reported to the police so that necessary actions against the culprit can be taken. Lastly, Christians can consider the personal safety of other employees in cases of harassment. The secular thoughts provide employees with the freedom of choice, in case they are badly mistreated or harassed in the workplace they can always move and search for new jobs. For instance, when an employer sexually assaults the employee, he or she has the authority to leave the place of work.

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Secondly, scripture ethics are based on Godly revelation while secular ethics are based on egoism, hedonism, and moral judgments. Conclusion Persuasively, preventing and tactically addressing harassment and discrimination in the workplaces is a significant challenge in many organizations, however, if the organizations are optimistic definitely, they can meet the challenge. A systematic change by organizations to culture and climate can definitely stop the pattern of harassment and discrimination in workplaces. Workplace harassment: double jeopardy for minority women.  Journal of Applied Psychology, 91(2), 426. Bauman, C. M. Ponniah, J. Cambridge University Press. Furunes, T. Mykletun, R. J. Age discrimination in the workplace: Validation of the Nordic Age Discrimination Scale (NADS).  Understanding biblical theology: A comparison of theory and practice. Zondervan. Lincoln, A. T.  Ephesians (Vol.

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