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Introduction The main purpose of this overview is to show how the overviews that have been conducted how they influence the accessibility and quality of services that the public receive when they visit health care centers. Main aim will be to check the impact of overviews on the healthcare sector and how they have enhanced service delivery for the public. Interest will be based on the healthcare services offered to the public and also the services. The research question will be scientific investigations in the healthcare sector promotes accessibility and quality of services that the public receives. Healthcare centers are places of interest since this is where all the individuals in need of health services visit for treatment. Main keywords that were used are healthcare and improvement of service delivery to the public.

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Keywords were very effective since enabled in the collection of information from the relevant databases and could help in the improvement of the search criteria used. Since the use of keywords could lead to links of relevant information this helped in the finding of the relevant information easily. Database is where collection of relevant information relating to patients is stored for future references, the following are the databases which were used healthcare cost and utilization project and Medicare provider analysis and review. The ones referred above are the major databases which were used in this overview. This methodology, can be improved by using of better study methods which can enhance better data collection and analysis too. The following are some of the data analysis methods which were employed in the articles: First, mean which is also known as the average was used since it did indicate the trend of data that was used in the articles.

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Standard deviation was also used in the articles like it indicated the data was spread more widely when it was high while when the data was low it signified that the data was more align to the mean. Regression analysis was also used since it indicated the relationship that existed between the dependent and the explanatory variables which were used in the scatterplots. The regression analysis also indicated whether the relationship which existed between the variables was strong or weak. The first reason is location of the research for instance if the research was conducted early in a certain region where people didn’t have knowledge concerning certain aspect they may give biased information. This will in return lead to data inconsistency hence affecting the study.

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Time during which the research was conducted also can influence or even lead to data inconsistency and if its not properly monitored it can lead to getting inconsistent results which can also lead to getting invalid information hence affecting the research on a great scope. Synthesis and interpretation Evidence table 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Condition Of the facility Study design used Author of the article and year Report quality Statistical significance Kind of quality used in the study Magnitude of the study Risk reduction measures Service delivery Accessibility i. ) Report citation Refers to the main objectives of the project which is under study and its main effect on the quality and service delivery to the general public that visit the health centers to receive medical services.

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vii. ) Validity and reliability Seeks to explain whether the data that was used in the study was reliable and can be depended upon by the researcher. The study and findings from the two databases do indicate that service delivery in the private healthcare centers is better than the public health centers that have a problem of delivering quality and are not easily accessible. Hence from the findings it can be articulated that the findings which were got in the research were statistically significant. Research strategies which were adopted in the study involved research designs, data analysis, different measuring criteria among others are the suitable design methods which were very reliable that could be used like for in this case. There is usage of only representatives of information which actually doesn’t represent the entire population more especially in the sensitive cases.

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Hence this becomes a major problem with the older documents since also majority of the older documents don’t survive for a long period of time. Lastly, there is a possibility of documents lacking authenticity like in some of the instances some of the documents parts which are very vital can be missing hence this can affect authenticity of the documents. Conclusion The strengths of the studies include; they have provided wide perspective of evidence linking to their claims concerning the information they have given. They have clearly indicated research options where individuals can also get relevant data and also provided a large scope of wealth of knowledge where people can read and understand about healthcare service delivery. , & Grigorios, L. Medical Data Privacy Handbook.

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