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pp.  Wiley, doi:10. japp. According to this article, the author tries to defend the claim that subsidies for university education should be reduced. The author first goes ahead to accept that the university fees are costly and this results in there being the need for the prices being subsidised. In this article, the author admits that the tuition fees for universities in Australia are quite high. It is due to the high cost that the government finds the need to use subsidies to help reduce the cost of university fees. The article argues further that without this reduction, some students might not be able to raise their tuition fees but on the other hand, some of it goes ahead and becomes wasted. The reason why this article is very important for this research is that it proves that the education cost in Australian higher education is quite high. It is for this reason that the government feels the need to subsidise it so that it is lower and affordable to most students despite their backgrounds. This article will come a long way to confirm that the cost of university or higher education in Australia is very high and this has even made it difficult for some students to acquire higher education in cases where subsidies are not availed to the students. Marginson, Simon. High Fee Market for Australian Universities?".  International Higher Education, no.  Boston College University Libraries, doi:10. ihe. This article was written by Marginson, comparing the university tuition fees before the new reforms were introduced and after they were introduced.

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In the new changes, the government would not support the whole amount of costs for the higher education. Instead, the student would have to pay part of the fee while the government pays the other part. However, according to the author of the article, this introduction would still mean that some students have to struggle with the amounts that they will require for accommodation and at times the fees. According to Johnstone, grants and loans have played a very significant role in the education of many universities all around the world. This case is not different from that of Australia. According to him, these loans and grants have come in handy considering that the university fees are constantly on the rise. The loans have been very cost effective as they have reduced the burden that the students had to carry in the name of tuition fees.

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The article goes ahead to explain that higher education fees are so much of an issue to students that without them some students would not be in school now. s10734-004-6373-x. In this study conducted, an interview was conducted among several low-income students. According to this study, students felt that the cost-sharing models of most universities in Australia were working well but would still require a little bit of improvement. This is because according to the students, the cost of higher education is very high for the low-income students. They feel that the price is still too high for them despite there being subsidies by the government to help lower the tuition fees. ihe. This article gives an in-depth analysis of the current situation of tuition fees in Australian universities.

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According to the report, the issue of high tuition university fees and the repayment process has been a problem for quite a while now. This has made it very difficult for students to learn and pursue higher education in universities effectively. The burden of paying high tuition fees is slowly reducing on the government's side and increasing on the students' side.  Springer Nature, doi:10. s10734-016-0078-9. According to this article, it is cost effective to offer higher education to international students. The article explains that there is no additional cost in enrolling any international students but instead the costs are incurred by the students. Further, apart from the students incurring these costs, they also have to pay for accommodation and their tuition fees. Lamont, Julian. University Education Fees, Economic Rents and Distributive Justice.

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Journal of Applied Philosophy, vol 31, no. pp.  Wiley, doi:10.  Springer Nature, doi:10. s10734-004-6373-x. Welch, Anthony. Another Missed Opportunity? Underfunding Australian Higher Education".  International Higher Education, no.

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