History of Science and Technology

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Technology on the other hand, is a collection of skills, methods or techniques to process goods or attain a certain aim which might include scientific invention or a customer demand. Science and technology relate in a way that, science determines technological growth through generation of demand on new tools that can address scientific question while on the other hand, technology may push for scientific investigation. This can be achieved by creating need for technological developments which can only be generated through research. Undeniably, according to human history, there was a lot of trial and error when developing technology. However, in the modern scientific enterprise, they believe technology came along with industrial revolution. In 2001 till today, phones are equipped with internet and are able to browse using Wi-fi, digital technology, 4 network.

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Besides, it has modern features such as cloud computing (Wenzlhuemer 2013). However, telecommunication has both positive and negative effects. For instance, it has improved communication efficiency. The devastating part of it is that people who depend much on telecommunication may acquire bad habits and become isolated hence weakening family bonds. Thus resulting in a weakened family generation and the rise of an internet family and friends. In the long run, the effects of telecommunication will be poison to the society and culture since its imposing negative habit since it is unconsciously the new generation (Lasen 2005). Sociologists have asserted that though the new means of telecommunication may seem fast and ease it is negatively affecting the behavior in the society in the long run.

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The connection between science, society, and technology. The understanding of the three aspects is based on the role they all link in life. The connection of society comes as they understand, the success of the technological practices and development as they justify for their authenticity. Besides the verge of technology try to understand the world better as it crosses domains of knowledge and the natural world (Neuman 2003). Henceforth, science through scientist provides technologist with the information thus able to draw back material, conceptual and imagination from current and probable future, to provide society with technological advancement in its different areas of life. On the grounds that the society receives the impacts, results and justifies the technology as human being understand in-depth the domain of science as civilization unfolds.

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