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People there did not have running, water, electricity or medical facilities. This saddening state of affairs was a problem especially during childbirth, where a child was birthed in poorly lit, sanitary places. For example the room that Kris and Monique used to help children to life was described as a poor and most definitely unsafe place for such operations to be carried out. Despite all that, Kris and Monique could not do anything to sweeten the state of affairs they had to endure and use the available resources. The sad situations even caused death since there was no administering the right drug that was given during labor; it was due to the lack of this drug that Monique died during labor.

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Lack of proper hygiene which included clean water, also caused health problems, drinking contaminated water was a health hazard, not just to women or the children but the community in general. Providing clean water for these people should have been prioritized by the government. According to Kris, Monique used to carry out house hold chores and manage to assist the community (Holloway np). Even though she worked hard for what she had, the man, her husband, who is described as a lazy person takes it away from her. He little salary is taken by her father in law and uses it as he pleases, not minding that the efforts to attain the money were Monique’s. Men could do as they pleased, for example, Monique’s husband who spends his earned money on other things that only benefited him such as expensive jackets and not the household responsibilities that a man should have engrossed himself with.

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