Homeless Population in Albuquerque New Mexico

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Homelessness in Albuquerque is a vital issue of concern. However, the mayor of Albuquerque has made efforts to help reduce the number of the homeless people in the neighborhoods. While residents in Albuquerque complain about security issues placing most of the blame on the homeless individuals, the homeless people are also complaining that they do not feel safe in Albuquerque. The last survey done in 2015 found that approximately 1,287 individuals were homeless in Albuquerque (Rick Nathanson | Journal Staff Writer Paragraph 4). The homeless individuals are in a crisis. The majority of the homeless individuals sleep in open areas such as parks ("Neighbors: Homeless People Sleeping in Northeast Albuquerque Park, a Problem" Paragraph 2). Others sleep in abandoned buildings that are not safe. On the other hand, the majority of the homeless people go for long periods without food.

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The homeless populations are hungry most of the times. They also lack clean water for drinking and cleaning themselves. It is imperative to understand that most of the homeless populations in Albuquerque are the unemployed persons and mentally handicapped. Also, people with physical disability and others who are medically fragile make up the homeless population in Albuquerque. Further, people with addiction problems are among the homeless individuals in Albuquerque. As such, it is evident that homelessness is a crisis in Albuquerque and a major issue that should be addressed. It is imperative to understand that ethnicity, immigration, and gender identify influences the composition of homeless individuals in Albuquerque. Based on the findings from the survey done by the university it came out that placing the homeless populations in housing is cheaper as opposed to leaving these people on the streets to struggle with problems of insecurity and harsh weather conditions.

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The home initiative is believed to save approximately $5 million for the taxpayers. This is because for each $1invested in the home initiative in Albuquerque there are about $1. returns saved. In general, homelessness is defined as a condition that is influenced by lack of adequate finances to cater for housing. A decline in economic security is experienced in New Mexico due to homelessness. Homelessness also threatens the political will of Albuquerque. It also affects the will of the people. Further, the citizens of New Mexico continue to feel threatened by the homeless people since they fear that their security and safety is compromised. As such, by implementing strategies to overcome the problem of homelessness in Albuquerque, New Mexico can be free from the other issues of insecurity, political will, poor health and economic insecurities.

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If the problem of homelessness in Albuquerque is not addressed, it will become a major crisis issue in the entire state of New Mexico. Therefore, measures or strategies should be implemented to help the vulnerable populations who are homeless by providing affordable housing that is also permanent to the people in Albuquerque. Homelessness is a critical issue of concern in Albuquerque. It affects the lives of all the people in Albuquerque including the homeless and the individuals living in permanent places. The homeless individuals comprising of the addicts, mentally disabled and unemployed individuals find it hard to get permanent places of residence. Albuquerque Journal | New Mexico and ABQ News, Sports, Business and More, www. abqjournal. com/547030/critical-step-needed-to-impact-abqs-homelessness. html. Dimanche, Kay.

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