How Businesses Are Bridging Shoppers to Buyers

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Another consideration that must be made is the effect of the prices on the purchasing behavior of the buyer. The business must assess its ability to remain competitive in the market while at the same time improving revenues. Considerations must be made in regards to the effectiveness of the displays and the customers handling techniques which include performing products demonstrations sampling and brand engagement. This report includes an analysis of how different businesses that deal with products and services engage their shoppers in their bid to convert them into buyers. The data collection method involves a direct visit to the stores and business. The business has taken several other steps to streamline the shopper marketing strategies and improves the store’s sales revenues.

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The business is developing new strategies around building partnerships during new product launches. New original methods of engaging shoppers in the stores by focusing less on displays products incremental and improving on products demos and potential clients engagement programs. Subway Subway dominates the fast food market which is currently flooded, but due to the focused marketing strategies, it’s able to maintain a competitive advantage in the market. The marketing strategies involve introducing shoppers to a healthy diet that is of quality taste, healthy diet, and nutrition. This implies that the business disregards the importance of the platforms and initially concentrates on understanding the client’s needs. Discovering of the consumer insights latter helps the company to identify the right and relevant platform in consideration of the target customers.

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Plato's Closet Plato’s closet is one of the largest resale stores that deals with fashion and their target clients are the young teens and adults who are willing to update their wardrobe with the latest fashions. The store is conscious of the ever-changing trends in quality and tastes of the gently used fashions. During the most current conference held in California, the management noted that most of their customers are savvy shoppers with an intention to conduct experiments with the available new looks to keep their wardrobe fresh and to avoid paying the retail price. The firm will be charged with the responsibility of in-store communication and the packaging design as well as other functions which include brand strategy and its positioning.

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Dunkin Donuts  Dunkin Donuts are American doughnut companies that also deal with the coffee house and are based in Massachusetts. The business is attracting new customers through the provision of quality and fresh selection of donuts, coffee, and beverages including the sandwiches. The business has greatly improved its customer service experience despite facing some legal challenges arising from the competitors. There is no doubt that Dunkin Donut attracts some clients by providing quality hot drinks, donuts, and snacks. When a new client sits down and look at the menu, it seems normal, and one may think of leaving, but once an order is made and served, the foods and drinks only end up being great and fun. This is a great technique for converting shoppers into buyers.

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The business has currently expanded to 164 locations across the 23 states. Their simple natural ingredients and scratch-made recipes developed by scratch kitchen have resulted in increased clients’ base. To deliver a great customer service experience, Netvious helped cheddar match their first-rate food and services with world-class technology. There are other services provided by the business for free which include free computer project design. Another interesting feature of their products is their military discount policy. This business has many more services that can transform shoppers into potential buyers. Kroger  A visit was made to the Kroger’s grocery stores. The objective was to evaluate the business strategy to convert shoppers into potential clients. Once the customer taste and requirements are identified, the business is then in a position to design and implement a suitable platform to create and maintain the clients (Burris, 2016).

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