How companies and brands can benefit from advertising campaigns

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The next step will be planning on the marketing programs and lastly is organizing the strategy, implementing and controlling it so as to gain the market effort. The steps should all be analyzed critically to avoid wasting resources on advertisement which will lead to a loss to the company. Alternatively, the company can choose to invest in the advertisement to create public awareness of the company. The models outlined above also influence the relationship between the company and how it should approach advertisement. The advertisement should only be used as a way of benefitting the company. Although advertising requires a lot of budgets, it is the best way to achieve the goals and objectives of a company. Branding helps the company to receive recognition and attract more customers to transact business with them.

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Advertising and branding all fall under the marketing category. Companies and brands can benefit from advertising by creating a campaign brand across various types of brands. Main body Ways of advertisement The companies and brands can benefit from an advertisement by making the brand visible. The way to advertise a product also depends on the type of product the company is selling. Attracting customers can also be a benefit for an organization (Naert, 2013). Advertising involves engaging customers and convincing them that your products are the best and they should try them. The objective is to give them a perspective that your company is the best and they should choose it. The company should also produce products and brands that will attract the customers.

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It has been noted that the use of combined advertisement is much better than using a single mode of advertisement since it involves multiple units. The combined campaign since it is repeated on various platforms, it cements the mind of a person making it easier to remember a certain brand (Kotler, 2010). Advertising companies The two advertising companies that I choose are Apple and Nike. Apple is a technological company which is good at marketing. Apple focuses on what their customers want even before they can actually know what they want. This makes the images sink on the customers, when they are on the social media they are able to see the advertisement, when they log into the internet they are able to also view the advertisement and lastly, when watching television they will still be able to see an advert from the company (Armstrong, 2014).

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Theories used in an advertisement There are theories which can be used by a company to come up with a good advertisement strategy. The theories include the 7P’s of the marketing mix which comprises of the product, promotion, price, place, people, process and the physical evidence. The first ‘P’ standards for Product which involves the quality, the image, branding, and features of a product and the method used to advertise the product. Customer service and availability are also included in the product. The process which a company uses can also influence its advertisement model. Through the process, a company can be able to achieve customer focus, design features, and the research and development. Lastly is the physical evidence which involves an online experience, product packaging and the staff contact experience with the brand (Gailey, 2011).

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The next model which relates to the advertisement is the unique selling proposition (USP). This model states that the brands should be in a position to explain to its customers why they should choose it and why it is better than their competitors. The existing markets include penetration and product development. Most of the companies use this method to reach many people since it is cheap and the most convenient. Advertisement can be achieved by using the growth strategy matrix since it includes the new markets and the existing markets (Gailey, 2011). The last model related to advertisement of a company is Porter's five forces which include supplier power, the threat of substitutes, rivalry, buyer power and barriers of entry. A company should first observe its rivalry so that it can come up with a good advertisement which will surpass their competitors.

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Branding in depth Branding of a product is also a key thing in the consumer markets. Branding emphasizes on what a product stands for. Branding mostly does not include words but designs and symbols. An example for Nike they represent a tick with the name Nike on it as a brand. Branding benefits the company as a form of advertisement in that the product is easily identified by the customers, branding helps in evaluation of a product, branding also reduces the purchasing risk and lastly, it communicates the features and benefits of a product. B. , Goldstein, K. M. and Ridout, T. N. and Smith, A. K. , Accenture Global Services Ltd, 2011.  Advertising campaign and business listing management for a location-based services system.

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