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As part of the plan to make the service a success, marketing and communication with the concerned stakeholders was necessary. Marketing plans that can be useful for the rehabilitation service would include the 5Ps marketing mix. The paper will explore the marketing strategies that can be useful in the rehabilitation service as well as the communication strategies that can be used to reach stakeholders. Marketing strategies Various marketing strategies can help reach as much patients as possible for the rehabilitation services. The first and foremost strategy will involve coming up with a marketing mix that ensure the services are up to standard and can reach every person. The price of healthcare services determines who should access such services. Making rehabilitation services affordable to every person is an important aspect of the marketing mix.

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If the services are made unaffordable, there will be no one to access them and hence failure. Place is the other aspect of the marketing mix that will be addressed in Bellevue’s marketing plan. Location of the rehabilitation centers should be in a way that every person will be in a position to access the services without much struggle. Promotion involves advertising for their rehabilitation services to the public especially on social and mainstream media. Promotion also involves direct marketing and public relationships. Bellevue hospital rehabilitation center targets patient seeking rehabilitation services out of various conditions. The rehabilitation center targets people in remote areas where rehabilitation services are not available. People in need of rehabilitation services in remote areas face the challenge of accessing them as transport is a major barrier (Rooney 241).

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The strategies used doesn’t address the needs of customers mostly those in remote areas. The rehabilitation services have to be taken close to people in remote areas. Bellevue rehabilitation centers are only available in cities which makes it difficult for people in rural areas to access. In order to reach such patients, the hospital should take such services in such areas. My proposed marketing strategies addresses all the needs of patients seeking rehabilitation services. Other ethical considerations were also involved when formulating the strategies. Communication strategies Communication strategies are employed to reach internal as well as external stakeholders. Internal stakeholders are those people involved in the implementation process. External stakeholders are those people impacted by the implementation of the marketing plan.

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Communicating the marketing plan is a process that takes into consideration all the communication aspects. The most effective way of communication involves organizing meetings with the concerned external stakeholders and communicate the plan (Mackert et al 226). The marketing plan is read to them so that they make their contribution. When implementing healthcare strategies, public health officials are involved. This call s for the implementing firm to seek the external stakeholders and explain the marketing plan to them in details. The communicating strategies seeking to involve both external and internal stakeholders do enhance the effectiveness of the marketing plan. "New marketing mix stresses service. " Journal of Business Strategy 12. Mackert, Michael, Jennifer Ball, and Nichole Lopez. "Health literacy awareness training for healthcare workers: improving knowledge and intentions to use clear communication techniques.

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