How to manage a successful children's sports center

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Children sport centers are facilities that allow children to engage in sporting activities and exercises after school classes. It is critical that these children sports centers own the right facilities that are favorable for the children, and that the sports center is managed in a friendly, fun and professional manner. In this dissertation, we shall explore the various factors that contribute to a successful running of a children sports center. We shall also look at the advantages of a sports center when compared to school sports activities. To get a good insight of how a sports center is managed, we shall interview top managers of two successful children sports centers where we shall learn how these children sport centers are well managed.

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Children centers offers professional sports play program for children. The children centers introduce the importance of physical development in young children. There are many benefits that are associated with children sports centers, one of them being that the centers help children to develop healthy bodies and healthy minds. Healthy bodies are achieved through the development of healthy physical activity habits. According to Biddle & Asare (2011), the authors state that physical activities have played a significant role on mental development. In physical Chinese culture, physical fitness is considered a vital characteristic. While most people associate China with Martial Arts, the country today has a variety of competitive sports. In this respect, China regularly holds multi-sports events that are like the Olympics known as the National Games.

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Children who are interested in sports can join sports centers in order to have specialized training on a specific kind of sport. After joining the sports center, the children will receive the training and the skills required in different sporting categories. How do you ensure that children receive professional sports training? 2. What are the factors that make a child happy in a sports center? 3. How do you ensure children get to have fun in a children sports enter? Value of the research This research seeks to emphasize the importance and value of successfully managing a sports center. When more investors engage in sports centers, children will have the chance to follow their passions and pursue their dreams. On the other hand, Sports centers not only provides a place for conducting physical exercises, it also gives people better chances to further their career in sports, if they are serious about it.

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Customer reviews are also critical in measuring the performance of a sports company. Dissatisfied customers will translate to reduced profits, and they may end up looking for other sports centers. Hong Kong is one of the most densely populated cities in the world. With such a large population sports centers have a high likelihood to succeed in this region. According to a report published by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (2013-2014), the concept of recreational and sports facilities for children is on the rise. In an article by Baxter & Jack (2008), the authors define a single case study as an approach to research where a specific phenomenon is analyzed within its context using a variety of various data sources. In this research, a single case study design was applied so as to explore the participation of children in sports centers, and their perception about sports in general.

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Since this case required only a stand-alone method of data collection, there was a need for setting up in-depth interview with the top managers of children sports centers in Hong Kong. For this research we chose C2 Sports center and WonderKids sports center. This will ensure that we get the responses directly from experienced individuals in the sector. A good number of the children shook their head in agreement to the fact that social interaction with their friends was their main reason that influenced their participation levels. Moreover, the influence on other children and peers on their participation in the number sports activity they partake in has been previously confirmed by other researchers such as Chan et al. (2012) and Salvy et al.

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Both researchers confirmed that peer relationships and interactions were the main reasons children and adolescents gave for participating in sports centers. The data analysis also showed that parental influence also played an important role for children engaging in sports (Lijuan et al (2017). This limitation meant that the findings of the study could not be generalized on a broader population. Contrarywise, the researchers were able to conduct in-depth, focused research in a school thorough utilizing only one case study environment. In the future, the investigation should involve looking at a broader population of participants to include more schools for the research. On the same note, future research could also perform a school base comparison finding within the local authority and cities as well.

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