How to motivate employees to think out of the box

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The employees have failed to demonstrate motivation which ultimately results in the invention, innovation, and independence in decision making especially when dealing with challenges faced by customers. Restatement of problems will be executed based on management frames and tools that have been done in the previous research paper to reach out the optimal solutions for the organization at the end through applying appropriate management models and theories. Table of Contents Introduction 4 III. Detailed Analysis of The Problem 4 IV. Models and Theories 6 a. Change Management Approach 6 b. Transformational Leadership Approach 7 V. Solutions Developed 7 VI. Conclusion 9 Reference 10 Introduction This report will address the challenges faced by Kuehne-Nagel Company in motivating its workforce to being innovative. Kuehne- nagel is an international logistics and transport company with a headquarters in in Switzerland. It was founded in Bremen Germany in 1890. It offers sea and airfreight, and also deals in overland businesses and contract logistics. it also focusses in providing IT-based logistics solutions. The company has up to 60,000 employees in over one hundred countries. K&N lead logistics solutions include, supplier and inventory, supply chain and aftermarket management. Due to globalization and ever-changing innovations, companies are being pressured to increase effectiveness therefore adjustments are required to meet the changes.  This guarantees that the firm can produce merchandises that gratify the demands and could raise the enterprise’s modest level over competing firms. Beckman & Barry, 2007, 25-56). II. Reaffirmation of the situation as a research question Being a prominent service providing company, K&N want their employees to be self-determined, assertive and brave which mainly aim to increase its market share in the Vietnam market.

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Initially, K&N organizational structure has habituated with the implication of the centralized distribution approach which can be seen as one of the significant challenges for the company. According to Fang (2014), the contemplation of a consolidated decision-making process will then bar the members of a company from being a part of strategy development process. In specific, hierarchies are ineffective when firms want to influence innovative ideas. Burkus 2012, 9). In this perspective, the issue under controversy is that the chain of command is so practical to issuing orders and instructions and decision making, that innovative ideologies may not be implemented unless they’re being shared from employers to employees. The recompenses for creative ideas have been limited to only high ranking officials and not middle or low ranking employees. The competent and skilled employees are not adequately rewarded for their performance levels.

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Long working hours of employees and low financial rewards are actually demoralizing the employees, and without job satisfaction and reduced employee engagement strategies, it will impact the success of the overall workplace environment and hence the performance of the entire business. Gill 2011, 240-277). Furthermore, as K&N desires that their staffs should be free and self-confident while engaging in problem solving and give working solutions, and also dare to propose improvement strategies with supervisors. Change Management Approach Increased globalization has motivated a couple of new entrepreneurs, small and medium scale corporations to infiltrate the highly competitive and saturated German freight forwarder industry. Therefore, the challenge of human resource management department of K&N is the implementation of Kurt Lewin’s Change administration approach to ensure real competitive advantage based on ethical decision making and strategic developments.

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Employees inspiration and performance management method are affected by centralized decision-making approach. Thus, implementation of decentralized approach in making decisions in K&N should be considered. b. In a company, there exist factors which hinder innovation among employees. To successfully execute the strategy of motivating employees at K&N, it demands alteration of leadership styles of managers at senior level through flattening organizational management system and shifting teamwork structures to be more self-driven. Therefore, human resource challenge is to ensure strategic requirements are in accordance through and adopting effective communication management approaches as well as encouraging motivation well as rewarding systems. To react to a centralized management system, undertaking an empowerment strategy is to help employees have opportunities to raise their voice and able to gauge their most preferred choice than the supervisor or a manager relaying what is best (Sadri & Golnaz, 2011, 44-49).

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This approach has achieved different success occupations, different geographic regions, and industries. Beforehand, the complementation of efficient communication management was to contribute and to ensure companies reduce the gap between management of the organization and the stakeholders such as staff. This can be achieved by adopting bottom-up communication approach which will help in overcoming challenges and encourage employee motivation (Angwin & Cumings, 2015, 21-36). Moreover, since motivation and reward systems are implemented within the organization that will be used usefully by the company to boost engagement of employees for a better workplace performance of the organization. Employee performance will also improve in the organization. All crucial contributions above are generally related to people. VI. Conclusion Lastly, K&N facing stiff global competition from new technological innovation should embrace solutions and models such as changing management approach, introducing transformational leadership and decentralizing management to make staff motivated and achieve more through innovation and delivering high-quality products.

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The gap between the management and employees should be reduced through good human resource administration structures and easy communication channel for them to have self believe and job satisfaction which will eventually increase turnover. However, there are challenges HR faces such i. e.  California management review, 50(1), pp. Bolman, L. and Deal, T. Reframing Organizations: Artistry, choice, and leadership. Kindle for PC version]. and Li, C. Enhancing employee creativity via individual skill development and team knowledge sharing: Influences of dual‐ focused transformational leadership.  Journal of Organizational Behavior, 38(3), pp. Tamunosiki-Amadi, J. O.

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