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Pg. By doing this, the company is re-organizing itself to remain relevant and leader in the online market. Various companies are operating under the same system, though there is a need to maintain the socio-economic ties with the customers by providing what is relevant in the market most efficiently and effectively. Amazon carries out its business on an online platform, the acquisition of Whole Foods Market could be a milestone in the company’s global business after it provides almost everything (Bonanza, 2018). Through online survey research conducted, it is estimated that over 70% of people have a little time to get to a grocery store and purchase foods due to the short time they have on their timetable schedule (Achtenhagen et al.

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5% decline in 2016 (Lauren, 2018). Perhaps the intense pressure in running the business could not withstand it to run for the future improvement but rather close down or dispose of the Assets and the company ownership. The motivation behind the business by Amazon was to increase the customer choice, maximization of value for the Whole food shareholders, bringing highest quality experience, convenience, and innovation in the market (Lisa, 2017). At the time of acquisition, Amazon was positive about the contribution of the Whole Food Market to the company's income base (Keyes, 2018). Perhaps they had a strategy to resuscitate the store to a booming business for the company. It will base on establishing the benefits that the store has accrued to the company through the returns the market has been able to accumulate, share price, and competitiveness.

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Such information will be identified from the financial statements of the year ended after acquiring the company. 3 Objectives of the Research • To conduct a review of the business acquisition process and identify structures that were established after purchase making the store beneficial in the end. • Determination of the open opportunities after the acquisition and the strategic changes that introduced the opportunities. • Identification of percentage change that the growth of the Whole Food market created to the Amazon and how this growth impacted the business at large. Secondary data will build a contribution to the research program that comprehends towards the outcome. Secondary data will be accessed from the company website, journals on both Amazon and Whole Food Market, and Newspapers (Sekaran & Bougie, 2016, pg.

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The data will be collected through a study design, analyzed, and presented. 2 STUDY DESIGN In both qualitative and quantitative design, I shall look at longitudinal study design which specifically analyzes the trend in a particular problem of study (Creswell & Creswell, 2017, pg. In this, I will concentrate on the monthly financial and operational reports of the company to check the performance of the company. I will concentrate more on the changes Amazon has undergone after the acquisition of Whole Food Market. The essential information to collect include, reviews by the various management personnel, stakeholders, shareholders, and employees. I will also access the website of Amazon and collect information relating to the financial statement in the year after the acquisition and the previous years.

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More consideration will be focused on the share price, profitability, and the level of risk diversification. The data will provide the basis of analyzing whether the acquisition had a positive impact or a negative impact. It is essential to separate the statistical inferences and the theoretical data (Kumar Ranjit, 2018, pg. The various data will then undergo analysis through the relevant methods. Statistical inferences will be analyzed using cross tabulation to determine the relationships, trends, and patterns of the various parameters (Thomson & Emery, 2014, pg. While the theoretical data can be explained through multiple models such as Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT). Such will be used to examine how the collected data contributed to the impact of acquiring the store to Amazon.

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The research is tested by the model used in the data collection that is sampling. The data obtained from the tools then compiled and set for analysis. Week 6 Analysis of the data collected through various models such as tabulation, trends, and patterns for numerical data while others such as the theoretical data can be analyzed with the SWOT analysis to determine the impact of the acquisition of Whole Food Market to Amazon. Week 7 Data collection and analysis is now complete, and there is a need for the review of the compiled report to counter check whether everything is taken into consideration. Week 8 Presentation of the research report on the impact of the acquisition of Whole Food Market on Amazon. More importantly, I need the link to access the company website, journals for my review, and newspapers that have highlighted the business progress of Amazon after the acquisition.

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